Pittman Motors Datasheets for DC Servomotors

DC servomotors are generally small and powerful for their size, and easy to control. Common types of DC servomotors include brushless or gear motors.
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Product Name Notes
PITTMAN® slotless brushless motor designs offer many advantages over conventional slotted stator construction. Negligible magnetic cogging provides improved servo performance and enables extremely smooth motion even at low speeds.
PITTMAN® automation grade brushless DC servo motors are IP65 rated construction (with a shaft seal) and include a wide range of torque and speeds in standard NEMA mounting configurations.
PITTMAN® brush commutated DC servo motors are available in a variety of sizes and are highly customizable. A wide range of options includes different encoder resolutions, gears with reductions...
PITTMAN® instrument grade brushless DC servo motors are IP42 rated construction or greater and include a wide range of rated torques and speeds in a compact design. The brushless...
PITTMAN® integrated brushless DC motor and controller packages are designed to simplify system integration, minimize interconnection cabling, and reduce or eliminate noise and motor / drive compatibility issues.
The PITTMAN® high performance slotless dc motor line is perfect for applications requiring a tiny motor capable of very high speeds. The motors have no teeth to attract the...