Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation Datasheets for Flash Memory Cards

Flash memory cards provide electrically erasable, programmable, read-only memory (EEPROM) that can be erased and reprogrammed in blocks instead of one byte at a time.
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Product Name Notes
ControlLogix Secure Digital Card -- 1784-SD1 1 GB Secure Digital (SD) card
SLC Modular Card Slot Filler -- 1746-N2 1746 SLC System, Modular Card Slot Filler For Programmable Ctrlr
ControlLogix Secure Digital Card -- 1784-SD2 2 GB Secure Digital (SD) card
Micro820 20 I/O ENet/IP Controller CC -- 2080-LC20-20QBBK 2080 Micro800 System, Micro820 Controller, 12 24VDC Inputs, 4 configurable analog input with thermistor voltage reference out, 7 24VDC Output, 1 Analog Output, Embedded Ethernet Port and RS-232/485 non-isolated Serial...
PanelView Plus 256MB Ext Memory Card -- 2711P-RC3 256 MB Blank CompactFlash Card
High Capacity Secure Digital Card 32GB -- 1784-SDHC32 32GB High Capacity SD Card
PanelView Plus 512MB Ext Memory Card -- 2711P-RC4 512 MB Blank CompactFlash Card
RFID Tag -- 56RF-TG-5486SC 56RF, 57RF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), 128 Byte Memory Size, Smart Card Tag, SLI, 54 x 86 mm
High Capacity Secure Digital Card -- 1784-SDHC8 8GB High Capacity SD Card*
Logix Controller Exec Protection SD Card -- 9509-EXECSDCD4 BUNDLE - Logix Controller Execution Protection SD Card
CmCard SD 4GB storage -- 9509-CMSDCD4 CmCard SD 4GB storage
EK-45274 EK-45274: Memory Card, 16M ATA Flash
ControlLogix CompactFlash Card -- 1784-CF128 Logic 556x Industrial Compactflash Card 128Mb
Stratix 8000 CompactFlash Spare Card -- 1783-MCF Stratix 8000 Spare Compact Flash Card
Stratix 8300 CompactFlash Spare Card -- 1783-RMCF Stratix 8300 Spare Compact Flash Card