Walter Surface Technologies Datasheets for Specialty Brushes

Specialty brushes use specialized or proprietary technologies, or feature brush designs for specific applications or industries.
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Product Name Notes
3" Cup Brush Crimped Wires with Ring
Cup Brush Crimped Wires for Angle Grinders
Crimped for light surface cleaning, rust and paint removal, etc. Safety supporting ring controls flaring to extend brush life. Once wires are worn down to the ring, the ring can...
Cup Brush Knot-twisted Wires with Ring High Performance Cleaning of Large Surface Areas Features Aggressive brushing action Perfect balance Safety supporting ring Smooth action Top quality wire Applications Brushing, Deburring, Removal
Cup Brush Knot-twisted Wires Knot-twisted for heavy-duty brushing such as deburring, weld edge cleaning, removal of scale, spatter, heavy rust and corrosion, etc. Features Fast brushing action Heavy duty wire Perfect balance Smooth action...
Cup Brush Knot-twisted Wires with Ring, Double-row Work two times faster on large surfaces. Requires less torque from the power tool for the same efficiency. Unbeatable life and added working hours per brush. Features Aggressive brushing action...