Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Datasheets for Moisture Meters

Moisture meters are used to measure the moisture content in bulk solids, liquids and gases.
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Product Name Notes
Mark 3 Moisture Analyser -- MA-Mark-3 Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer MA-Mark-3 For More Flexibility, Reliability, and Cost-Effectiveness Short measurement times increase your flexibility and allow you to make real-time changes to your process if desired. Highly...
Moisture Meter -- LMA200PM-000EU
Moisture Meter -- LMA200PM-000US
If the sample contains a high moisture content, microwave drying is the fastest and most effective procedure (loss-on-drying) for heating samples. A sample is heated by absorption of microwave radiation.
Moisture Meter -- MA100C-000115V1
Moisture Meter -- MA100C-000230V1
Moisture Meter -- MA100H-000115V1
Moisture Meter -- MA100H-000230V1
Moisture Meter -- MA100Q-000115V1
Moisture Meter -- MA100Q-000230V1
The moisture meter MA 100 features the highest possible measuring accuracy that a thermogravimetric moisture meter can currently offer. With the accuracy of an analytical balance, the Moisture Meter MA...
Moisture Meter -- MA150C-000115V1
Moisture Meter -- MA150C-000230V1
Moisture Meter -- MA150Q-000115V1
Moisture Meter -- MA150Q-000230V1
The moisture meter MA150 is synonymous with easy operation and a time-tested, space saving housing design for routine use in the laboratory, incoming inspection and in-process control. 150 g weighing...
Moisture Meter -- MA35M-000115V1
Moisture Meter -- MA35M-000230V1
The moisture meter MA35 has a rugged design and is user-friendly. The concise display shows the user all important information at a single glance. Easy-to-understand icons guide you in three...
NIR Process Analyzer -- PMD500 (Lab Version) These modular process analyzers enable non-contact moisture and multicomponent analysis of liquid, pasty and solid substances right in your laboratory. In addition to the traditional measurement of concentration, the PMD...