Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Datasheets for Weight Indicators

Weight Indicators are readouts and displays for showing weight, they are often digital but can be analog as well.
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Product Name Notes
Weight Indicators Combics -- CAIS(L)1
Weight Indicators Combics -- CAIS(L)2
Weight Indicators Combics -- CAIS(L)3
Indicators for complex weighing tasks in 3 different versions.Max. readability: 31.250 digitsIP protection rate: IP67 (PG cable gland), IP44 (25-pol.D-SUB), (IP65 as option) Description With the Combics product family, Sartorius...
Weighing Terminal Combics Pro Programmable stainless steel terminal for complex weighing tasks.Connection to: all Sartorius scales/platforms/load cells IP protection rate: IP30 (IP69K as option) High-contrast, backlit color graphics display, with 20mm display for weight...
Midrics® Scale Indicators -- MIS1
Midrics® Scale Indicators -- MIS2
Stainless steel indicators for simple weighing tasks or standard applications in 2 different versions. Max. readability: 15.000 digitsIP protection rate: IP65 Display: backlit, 14-segment, 20 mm LCD for weight readouts...