Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Datasheets for Powder and Solids Blenders

Powder and solids blenders produce a uniform mixture of dry or powdery materials. They are designed for industrial and laboratory environments, and provide either batch or continuous blending.
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Product Name Notes
LevMixer®Drive Unit -- LT-DBTL002
LevMixer®Drive Unit -- LT-DBTL003
LevMixer®Drive Unit -- LT-DBTL004
LevMixer®Drive Unit -- LT-DBTL005
LevMixer®Drive Unit -- LT-DBTL006
LevMixer®Drive Unit -- LT-DBTL007
LevMixer®Drive Unit -- LT-DBTL008
LevMixer®Drive Unit -- LT-DBTL009
LevMixer®Drive Unit -- LT-DBTL010
LevMixer® Drive Unit generates the levitation and rotation of the single-use impeller without surface contact. This allows the Flexel® for LevMixer® to efficiently mix powders, suspensions, solutions...
Magnetic Mixer Drive Unit -- LT-DU-005-US
Magnetic Mixer Drive Unit -- LT-DU-006-EU
Magnetic Mixer Drive Unit -- LT-DU006-AU
Magnetic Mixer Drive Unit -- LT-DU006-JA
Magnetic Mixer Drive Unit -- LT-DU006-SW
Magnetic Mixer Drive Unit -- LT-DU006-UK
Magnetic mixer drive unit generates the rotation of the single-use magnetic impeller coupled to a non-shedding ceramic bearing, enabling Flexel® for Magnetic Mixer to efficiently dissolve and disperse powders, suspensions,...
MDPE Cylindrical Mixing Tank -- LT-DBMC106 Levitated mixing technology: Ultra clean mixing operation Various tank sizes: High flexibility Sartorius | TC Tech offers a wide variety of holding reservoires to be used in conjunction with Sartorius...
MDPE Cylindrical Mixing Tank -- LT-DBMC057
MDPE Cylindrical Mixing Tank -- LT-DBMC208
MDPE Cylindrical Mixing Tank -- LT-DBMC303
MDPE Cylindrical Mixing Tank -- LT-DBMC370
MDPE Cylindrical Mixing Tank -- LT-DBMC560
Levitated mixing technology: Ultra clean mixing operation Various tank sizes: High flexibility The Flexel® LevMixer® -Drum is a unique single-use mixing solution utilising cylindrical tank geometries combined with...