Moxa Inc. Datasheets for Serial Adapters

Serial adapters provide one or more serial ports to a host computer. They interface with the host computer via a data bus and add RS232, RS422, RS485 and/or other types of serial ports.
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Product Name Notes
ISA Serial Board -- C218Turbo
Universal PCI Serial Board -- C218Turbo/PCI
The 8-port C218Turbo RS-232 universal PCI boards come with an ASIC, RISC processor, and large I/O buffer to provide a sustained high throughput on all 8 ports simultaneously. Drivers are...
C320Turbo -- C32045T
C320Turbo -- C32047T
C320Turbo -- C32061T
C320Turbo -- C32065T
C320Turbo -- C32071T
C320Turbo -- C32080T
C320Turbo -- C32081T
C320Turbo -- C32082T
C320Turbo -- C32083T
The intelligent C320Turbo serial boards are expandable and flexible COM/TTY solutions for RS-232 applications that require connecting up to 128 serial devices to one computer. The C320Turbo’s on-board CPU and...