Tradeport Electronics Group Datasheets for Carrying Cases and Equipment Cases

Carrying cases and equipment cases protect contents from impact, shock, vibration, rain, and dust.
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Product Name Notes
Compact Soft Case For 120 Series & 724/725 Calibrators
Electrical Tester Holster for T2/T5
Hard Carrying Case for 120 Series
Hard Case For 190 Series
Meter Gear Box
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Accessory Bag for DCS/CS-Series Oscilloscope
Premium Tool Bag
Soft Case For 190 Series
Soft Case
Software & Cable Carrying Case 120 Series (English)
Software & Cable Carrying Case
For GDS-800 Series and GDS-2000 Series.
Holster for Fluke Meters
Infrared Thermometer Holster
Protective Holster with Magnetic Strap
Soft Holster for Electrical Testers
Soft Holster for Fluke Meters
Soft zip-up test lead case.