Magmotor Technologies, Inc. Datasheets for Brushless Motors

Brushless motors are synchronous electric motors that have a magnetically (AC induction) or electronically (DC) controlled commutation system instead of a brush-based mechanical commutation system.
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Product Name Notes
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-E-200
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-E-300
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-E-400
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-E-500
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-G-200
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-G-300
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-G-400
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-G-500
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-I-200
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-I-300
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-I-400
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-I-500
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-K-200
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-K-300
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-K-400
Series BA42 -- Model BA42-K-500
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-E-200
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-E-300
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-E-400
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-E-500
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-G-200
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-G-300
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-G-400
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-G-500
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-I-200
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-I-300
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-I-400
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-I-500
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-K-200
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-K-300
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-K-400
Series BFA42 -- Model BFA42-K-500
Key Performance Features: High Energy Neodymium Magnets Operating Speeds to 6,000 RPM High Torque to Size Ratio 24-400 VDC Typical Bus Voltage CE CertificatClean and Preview Descriptione Available
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-E-100
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-E-200
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-E-300
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-E-400
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-G-100
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-G-200
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-G-300
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-G-400
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-I-100
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-I-200
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-I-300
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-I-400
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-K-100
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-K-200
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-K-300
Series BA34 -- Model BA34-K-400
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-E-200
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-E-300
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-E-400
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-E-500
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-G-200
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-G-300
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-G-400
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-G-500
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-I-200
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-I-300
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-I-400
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-I-500
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-K-200
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-K-300
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-K-400
Series BF34 -- Model BF34-K-500
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-E-100
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-E-200
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-E-300
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-E-400
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-G-100
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-G-200
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-G-300
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-G-400
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-I-100
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-I-200
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-I-300
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-I-400
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-K-100
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-K-200
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-K-300
Series BFA34 -- Model BFA34-K-400
Key Performance Features: High Energy Neodymium Magnets Operating Speeds to 6,000 RPM High Torque to Size Ratio Encoder Ready 24-300 VDC Typical Bus Voltage CE Certificate Available
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-E-100
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-E-200
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-E-300
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-E-400
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-G-100
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-G-200
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-G-300
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-G-400
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-I-100
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-I-200
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-I-300
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-I-400
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-K-100
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-K-200
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-K-300
Series BA23 -- Model BA23-K-400
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-E-100
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-E-200
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-E-300
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-E-400
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-G-100
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-G-200
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-G-300
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-G-400
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-I-100
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-I-200
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-I-300
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-I-400
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-K-100
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-K-200
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-K-300
Series BFA23 -- Model BFA23-K-400
Key Performance Features: High Energy Neodymium Magnets Operating Speeds to 6,000 RPM High Torque to Size Ratio Encoder Ready NEMA 23 Flange Mounting 24-320 VDC Typical Bus Voltage
Series B23 -- Model B23-E-075
Series B23 -- Model B23-E-150
Series B23 -- Model B23-E-225
Series B23 -- Model B23-E-300
Series B23 -- Model B23-G-075
Series B23 -- Model B23-G-150
Series B23 -- Model B23-G-225
Series B23 -- Model B23-G-300
Series B23 -- Model B23-I-075
Series B23 -- Model B23-I-150
Series B23 -- Model B23-I-225
Series B23 -- Model B23-I-300
Series B23 -- Model B23-K-075
Series B23 -- Model B23-K-150
Series B23 -- Model B23-K-225
Series B23 -- Model B23-K-300
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-E-075
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-E-150
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-E-225
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-E-300
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-G-075
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-G-150
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-G-225
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-G-300
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-I-075
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-I-150
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-I-225
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-I-300
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-K-075
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-K-150
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-K-225
Series BF23 -- Model BF23-K-300
Key Performance Features: High Energy Neodymium Magnets Operating Speeds to 6,000 RPM High Torque to Size Ratio Encoder Ready NEMA 23 Flange Mounting CE Certificate Available 24-170 VDC Typical Bus...