Gilson Company, Inc. Datasheets for Pressure Instruments

Pressure instruments are used to measure, monitor, record, transmit or control pressure.
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Product Name Notes
Gilson Type B Pressure Meter, w/Plastic Case -- HM-30
Type A Pressure Meter -- HM-26A
Watts Type B Pressure Meter, w/Wood Case -- HM-30W
• HM-30 Gilson Pressure Meter is higher quality, less expensive, and more accurate. • All components are supplied in our new sturdy and convenient carrying case. Gilson's HM-30 offers a...
Digital Pressure Manometer -- MA-170
Digital Pressure Manometer NIST Certified -- MA-170C
Residual Pressure Manometer Complete w/Mercury -- MA-166
MA-170 Digital Manometer is a safe, accurate and environmentally friendly alternative for measuring vacuum levels. The gauge is mercury-free and uses an absolute pressure transducer to give instant digital display...
Durable Brass Pressure Meter Calibrator -- HM-24
Pressure Meter Calibrator, Plastic Economy -- HM-25
Calibrators quickly field-check accuracy of pressure- type concrete air meters. With canister in the water-filled base, air meter gauge should read 5% air in a simulated test. Two calibrators are...
Pressure Aging Vessel, PLC Control PAV,230V/50-60Hz -- HM-74 Pressure Aging Vessels (PAV’s) use heated, pressurized air to simulate long-term oxidative aging of asphalt binders. The PAV's consist of an ASME-Code stainless steel pressure vessel, in a stainless steel...