Gilson Company, Inc. Datasheets for Permeation Instruments

Permeation instruments are designed to measure the permeability, solubility, diffusivity and precise transmission rate of organic vapors or liquids through films, paper, pulp, packages and other materials.
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Product Name Notes
Granular Permeameter,Combination 2.5" Diameter -- HM-891
Granular Permeameter,Combination 3.0" Diameter -- HM-892
Granular Permeameter,Combination 4.5" Diameter -- HM-893
Granular Permeameter,Combination 6" Diameter -- HM-894
Granular Permeameter,Combination 9" Diameter -- HM-895
Granular Soil Permeameter 2.5" ASTM/AASHTO -- HM-831
Granular Soil Permeameter 3.0" ASTM/AASHTO -- HM-832
Granular Soil Permeameter 4.5" ASTM/AASHTO -- HM-833
Granular Soil Permeameter 6.0" ASTM/AASHTO -- HM-834
Granular Soil Permeameter 9.0" ASTM/AASHTO -- HM-835
ASTM/AASHTO Permeameters determine permeability by constant head method of granular soil samples. Gilson offers permeameters in sizes from 2.5-9.0in (63.5-228.6mm) diameter, which allows the customer to determine permeability of granular...
Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus -- MA-10 Blaine apparatus measures the specific surface area of fine materials in square centimeters per gram of test sample. A quantity of air is drawn through a bed of definite porosity.
Compaction Permeameter, 4" ID x 4.584"H -- HM-36
Compaction Permeameter, 6" ID x 7.0"H -- HM-37
Gilson offers two sizes of Compaction Permeameters to measure constant or falling-head properties of compacted or remolded soils. The 4in and 6in Permeameters are constructed of plated steel for wear...
Lab Asphalt Permeameter, 4" (102mm) Dia. Specimens -- AP-14
Lab Asphalt Permeameter, 6" 152mm) Dia. Specimens -- AP-16
Laboratory Asphalt Permeameters utilize the falling head method to determine hydraulic conductivity of saturated 4in and 6in diameter asphalt cores or laboratory compacted specimens. This simple, easy-to-use Permeameter design is...
Permeability Test Chamber 2.8" Specimens-Brass -- HMA-514
Permeability Test Chamber 2.8" Specimens-SS -- HMA-514S
Permeability Test Chamber 6" Specimens-Brass -- HMA-516
Permeability Test Chamber 6" Specimens-SS -- HMA-516S
The acrylic cylinders are designed to have maximum operating pressure rating between 100psi (6.9bar) and 200psi (13.8bar). The acrylic cylinder rests on a solid, circular base also designed for heavy...
Permeameter Vessel, Base Tier w/Standard Top Tier -- APA-11B The NCAT Field Permeameter is a falling-head permeameter using Darcy’s Law to determine rate of water flow through asphalt pavement. This design was selected by the National Center for Asphalt...
Shelby Tube Permeameter -- HM-81 The Shelby Tube Permeameter allows tests to be performed on undisturbed soil samples in sections of 3in (76mm) diameter Shelby sampling tubes. Supplied apparatus consists of corrosion-resistant top and bottom...