Gilson Company, Inc. Datasheets for Filtration Equipment

Filtration equipment is used to filter, thicken or clarify a mixture of different elements.
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Product Name Notes
Vacuum Extractor -- HM-8 • Includes fitted vacuum gauge. • Stainless steel extract tank has two sight-glass gauges and drain valve. • Aluminum funnel ring. • Quick-action wing fasteners between funnel and base. Gilson...
Gilson Centrifuge Extractor,1500g Expl-Proof,120V/60Hz -- HM-806
Gilson Centrifuge Extractor,1500g Expl-Proof,230V/50Hz -- HM-806F
Gilson Centrifuge Extractor,1500g Standard,120V/60Hz -- HM-808
Gilson Centrifuge Extractor,1500g Standard,230V/50Hz/60Hz -- HM-808F
Gilson Centrifuge Extractor,3000g Expl-Proof,120V/60Hz -- HM-807
Gilson Centrifuge Extractor,3000g Expl-Proof,230V/50Hz -- HM-807F
• Time controlled operation. • 1,500 or 3,000g sample capacities. • Explosion-Proof motors available. Gilson's popular Centrifuge Extractors provide efficient and reliable quantitative determinations of bitumen content in hot-mix asphalt...
Economy Vacuum Extractor -- HM-15 • Uses optional GW-76 Filter Flask for solvent collection. • Aluminum funnel ring. • Vacuum Hoses and Stoppers available separately. Economy Vacuum Extractor employs the same removable aluminum funnel ring,...
1000g Reflux Extractor Complete, 230V/50/60hz -- HM-5F
2000g Reflux Extractor Complete, 115V/50/60hz -- HM-6
2000g Reflux Extractor Complete, 230V/50/60hz -- HM-6F
Reflux extraction is the most inexpensive method for determining asphalt content in bituminous concrete mixtures. Solvent vapor generated by hot plate passes around and through sample contained in two wire...