Gilson Company, Inc. Datasheets for Storage Tanks and Process Tanks

Storage tanks and process tanks are bulk containers of varying size and configuration.
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Product Name Notes
Galvanized Curing Tank, 2.5x8x2', 252 Gal. Cap. -- HM-622
Galvanized Curing Tank, 2x4x2', 95 Gal. Cap. -- HM-620
Galvanized Curing Tank, 2x6x2', 142 Gal. Cap. -- HM-621
Galvanized Curing Tank, 3x8x2', 300 Gal. Cap. -- HM-626
Gilson offers a range of 2ft (0.61m) deep tanks for curing cylinders, beams, and other molded specimens. Pipe-reinforced top provides extra-strong, crush-proof rim, and sturdy rolled seam with enclosed sealant...
Curing Tank Circulator, 115V/60Hz -- HM-655
Curing Tank Circulator, 230V/50-60Hz -- HM-655F
Curing Tank, Heater,1000-Watts,115V/50-60Hz -- HM-651
Heaters and Circulators maintain curing temperature at required 73.4°F ±3°F (23°C ±1.7°C) in HM-620 through HM-627 series and similar tanks. Number needed will depend on tank size, ambient air temperature,...
Specific Gravity 30 gallon Water Tank, 18" Deep -- SGA-120
Specific Gravity 45 gallon Water Tank, 24" Deep -- SGA-122
Model SG-20 Specific Gravity Bench is designed for weighing suspended samples in water when determining specific gravity of aggregates, hardened concrete, bituminous mixtures, refractory brick, and similar materials. Bench top...