Gilson Company, Inc. Datasheets for Thermocouple Temperature Probes

Thermocouple temperature probes are bimetallic probes that are used in various temperature-sensing applications. They consist of two wires, each of which is made of a different metallic element or alloy.
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Product Name Notes
Type K Thermocouple Probes 1/16"x 4"L, Max-932F -- MAA-286
Type K Thermocouple Probes 1/8"x 8"L, Max-1112F -- MAA-287
Type K Thermocouple Probes 5/16"x5-3/8"L, Max-2200F -- MAA-288
Type K Thermocouple Probes Surface 1/2"x4"L, Max-752F -- MAA-289
Thermocouple Probes and Accessories Type K thermocouple probes¹ have standard two-blade connector. Separate connectors and bulk rolls of Type K thermocouple wire allow users to fabricate probes as needed. Simply...