Gilson Company, Inc. Datasheets for Dimensional Indicators and Comparators

Dimensional indicators and comparators measure where the linear movement of a precision spindle or probe is amplified.
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Product Name Notes
CBR Swell Tripod w/Dial Indicator 1" x .001" -- BRA-68
CBR Swell Tripod w/Dial Indicator 25mm x .01mm -- BRA-68F
CBR Accessory Set Convenient CBR Accessory Set includes four each of BRA-60 Molds, BRA-63 Surcharge Weights, BRA-64 Surcharge Weights, BRA-67 Swell Plates, and BRA-75 Filter Screens. One each BRA-61 Spacer...
Dial Indicator-Digital (0.25 x 0.00005") -- MA-361
Dial Indicator-Digital (0.25 x 0.0001") -- MA-360
Dial Indicator-Digital (0.6 x 0.00005") -- MA-364
Dial Indicator-Digital (0.6 x 0.001") -- MA-363
Dial Indicator-Digital (1 x 0.00005") -- MA-367
Dial Indicator-Digital (1 x 0.0001") -- MA-366
Digital Dial Indicators are in/mm switchable, and include a “hold” feature which allows the user to lock peak readings on the digital display. All are supplied with batteries designed to...
Dial Indicator-Mechanical (0.2 x 0.0001") -- MA-330
Dial Indicator-Mechanical (0.2 x 0.0001") w/Brake -- MA-330B
Dial Indicator-Mechanical (1 x 0.001") -- MA-334
Dial Indicator-Mechanical (1 x 0.001") w/Brake -- MA-334B
Dial Indicator-Mechanical (25 x 0.01mm) -- MA-346
Dial Indicator-Mechanical (25 x 0.01mm) w/Brake -- MA-346B
Mechanical Dial Indicators have 2.25in diameter, continuous clockwise dial with one hundred divisions per revolution and a revolution counter. Low friction mechanisms react instantly with contact pressure. Backs rotate 90°
Length Comparator, w/Invar Bar, and Dial Indicator -- HM-250
Length Comparator, w/Invar Bar, and Digital Indicator -- HM-250D
Length Change Apparatus measures changes in length of cast prisms due to autoclave curing, alkali reactivity, and other causes not related to applied load. Methods are applicable to testing of...