Gilson Company, Inc. Datasheets for Metal Files, Rasps, and Rifflers

Metal files, rasps and rifflers have serrated cutting surfaces for rounding off sharp edges, removing burrs, blending parting lines, cleaning, surface preparation, and other part surface finishing applications.
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Product Name Notes
Accu-Max Spinning Riffler, 2" Topsize, 1.8 cf., 115V/60Hz -- SP-245
Accu-Max Spinning Riffler, 2" Topsize, 1.8 cf., 230V/50Hz -- SP-245F
Model SP-245 Accu-Max Spinning Riffler offers accuracy for aggregates, coal or ores up to 2in (50.8mm) topsize. The unit works equally well for finer materials and powders in large starting...
Gilson Spinning Riffler, w/ Collection Unit & Hopper -- SP-230 Spin riffling is the method of choice for sampling accuracy and reliability of the highest order with dry materials. Gilson’s expertise in sampling and analyses of powders and granular material...