Gilson Company, Inc. Datasheets for Bags and Sacks

Bags and sacks are used for a wide variety of storage, packaging and shipping applications. They include bags and sacks made of all kinds of materials.
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Product Name Notes
Sample Bags, 10x18", Pkg. 10 -- SP-92
Sample Bags, 10x18", Poly-Lined, Pkg. 10 -- SP-93
Sample Bags, 17x32", Pkg. 10 -- SP-96
Sample Bags, 17x32", Poly-Lined, Pkg. 10 -- SP-97
Sample Bags are heavy-duty and ordered with or without poly liners. Bags are quality high count drill textile with drawcords and are suitable for use with soil, sand, aggregates, ores,...
Bag Trier, 1" OD, 12" Long -- GP-112
Bag Trier, 1/2" OD, 6" -- GP-106
Sampling Probes are useful for sampling seed, grain, and other granular materials. Shorter length probes are for sampling from trucks, drums, bins, stockpiles; longer ones are for barges, rail cars,...
20-30 Standard Sand 50lb Bag -- HM-107
Graded Standard Sand #30-#100, 50lb Bag -- HM-108
Sand Cone Density Sand 50lb Bag -- HM-106
Specially graded sands for ASTM tests are naturally rounded silica sands of nearly pure quartz, mined from the Ottawa, Illinois area. All are supplied in 50lb bags and meet ASTM...