Henkel Corporation - Electronics Datasheets for Conformal Coatings

Conformal coatings encapsulate circuit boards and their electronic components in order to prevent the ingress of moisture, fungus, dust and other environmental contaminants.
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Product Name Notes
(Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT PC355-1 ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 355-1 is a lead-free, transparent, one-component protective varnish system that is dry to the touch in under 30 minutes.
(Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT SC3613 ) Heat curable, optically clear, high purity, one-component coating to be applied by brush, dip or flow coating.
(Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT U7510-1 ) LOCTITE STYCAST U 7510-1 is a lead-free, transparent, one component protective varnish system that is dry to the touch in under 30 minutes.
(Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT UV7993 ) Solvent-free, one component dual cure conformal coating.
(Known as Hysol PC18M ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 18M is a flexible solvent-based, one-component coating. Provides good thermal shock resistance.
(Known as Hysol PC28STD ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 28-STD is a convenient aerosol packaging, oxygen-cure, printed circuit board coating system.
(Known as Hysol PC29M ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 29M PTB is a thin-film printed circuit board coating with good toughness and high flexibility. Note: Not sold in Europe.
(Known as Hysol PC40-UM ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 40-UM is a solvent-free, low-viscosity, rapid gel, UV-moisture cure one component conformal coating.
(Known as HYSOL PC40-UMF ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 40-UMF conformal coating is specifically formulated to rapidly gel and immobolise when exposed to UV light and then fully cure when exposed...
(Known as HYSOL UV9060 ) LOCTITE ECCOBOND UV 9060 is a no-flow UV/moisture cure encapsulant designed for local circuit board protection. It is fluorescent when viewed with ultraviolet (black) light.
(Known as SC8001 5Gal ) LOCTITE STYCAST SC 8001 one component B-stageable epoxy coating is designed to provide electrical insulation between conductive layers in thin-film photovoltaics.
(Known as STYCAST 1090SI ) LOCTITE STYCAST 1090SI encapsulant is recommended for applications where high compressive stress is applied to encapsulated circuitry - as in deep ocean work. This product...
Acrylic conformal coating non-toluene based, rapid drying, one-component for non-atomized spraying applications.
LOCTITE 3900 is an air-dry coating designed for small production runs. It may be applied by spray, dip or brush procedures. Aerosol fast cure. Note: Not sold in Europe.
Loctite 5290 is used for protecting printed circuit boards and other sensitive electronic components. It is designed to provide environmental protection. This product is typically used in applications with an...
LOCTITE 5293 is a repairable, solvent-free, medium viscosity, UV / moisture cure silicone suited to brush, dip and selective coating.
LOCTITE 5296 is a heat cure silicone that can be applied with brush, dip or spray. High reliability automotive. Clear.
With the increasing proliferation of wireless devices, designers are challenged with various electromagnetic waves from multiple sources radiating at the same spectrum of frequencies resulting in electromagnetic interference(EMI). Radio-frequency(RF) emitting...