Henkel Corporation - Electronics Datasheets for Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are thin films deposited upon materials to add or enhance desired properties, such as color, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc.
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Product Name Notes
BONDERITE L-GP AQUADAG22% GRAPHITE DISPERSION IN WATER (Known as Acheson AQUADAG 22) -- 8799559319553 (Known as Acheson AQUADAG 22 ) BONDERITE L-GP AQUADAG22% GRAPHITE DISPERSION IN WATER is an aqueous-based colloidal dispersion of ultra-fine graphite. This product forms a smooth continuous dry film with...
LOCTITE DAG 1050 E&C (Known as Acheson DAG 1050) -- 8799559352321 (Known as Acheson DAG 1050 ) LOCTITE DAG 1050 E&C is an aqueous dispersion of high purity micro-graphite for applications in the manufacturing of capacitors and batteries.
LOCTITE EDAG PR 406B E&C (Known as Acheson ELECTRODAG PR-406B) -- 8799559581697 (Known as Acheson ELECTRODAG PR-406B ) LOCTITE EDAG PR 406B E&C is a screen printable, dielectric highly resistive ink for PET film. Used in cross-overs with copper contact protection.
LOCTITE EDAG PR 406 E&C (Known as Acheson ELECTRODAG PR406) -- 8799559548929 (Known as Acheson ELECTRODAG PR406 ) LOCTITE EDAG PR 406 E&C is a carbon polymer thick film ink is suitable for application on most rigid substrates.
LOCTITE C110 (Known as ECCOCOAT C-110) -- 8802575679489 (Known as ECCOCOAT C-110 ) LOCTITE C110 is an electrically conductive epoxy coating that features fast cure after solvent evaporation when applied on thin films.
LOCTITE EDAG 965SS E&C (Known as Electrodag 965SS) -- 8799560040449 (Known as Electrodag 965SS ) LOCTITE EDAG 965SS E&C is designed for use in the production of low voltage circuitry on polyester to protect silver pads and tracks from chemical...
LOCTITE EDAG PM 460A E&C (Known as Electrodag PM-460A) -- 8799559909377 (Known as Electrodag PM-460A ) LOCTITE EDAG PM 460A E&C is a dispersion of silver pigment in a thermoplastic resin system that rapidly dries to form a flexible conductive coating.
LOCTITE EDAG SP 413 E&C (Known as Electrodag SP-413) -- 8799559843841 (Known as Electrodag SP-413 ) LOCTITE EDAG SP 413 E&C is a highly electrically conductive silver coating designed to provide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) on plastic enclosures for electronic equipment.
LOCTITE C 11054 E&C (Known as HYSOL ECCOCOAT C110-5) -- 8799480086529 (Known as HYSOL ECCOCOAT C110-5 ) LOCTITE C 11054 E&C is a one component electrically conductive epoxy coating that features fast cure after solvent evaporation when applied on thin films.
LOCTITE CP8825 (Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT CP8825) -- 8799480152065 (Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT CP8825 ) LOCTITE CP8825 is an electrically conducting, acrylic silver coating.
LOCTITE M 4100 E&C (Known as Minico M4100) -- 8799559778305 (Known as Minico M4100 ) LOCTITE M 4100 E&C is a one-component, silver filled, electroless nickel plateable conductive polymer designed as a terminator where the Minico M 2000RS polymer resistor...
ACHESON ELECTRODAG 456C conductive coating -- 8799583141889 ACHESON ELECTRODAG 456C is a conductive, low VOC conductive coating is formulated to provide long term shielding and grounding properties against electro-magnetic interference (EMI).
TECHNOMELT AS 8998 -- AS 8998 Henkel's TECHNOMELT product family is diverse and versatile. No matter the application or market, there is a TECHNOMELT material for you. Despite containing features specific to particular applications, all TECHNOMELT...
LOCTITE 3318M -- 8802603401217 LOCTITE 3318M UV coating is suitable for a wide variety of coating applications that require strict humidity reliability performance, such as ITO/COG overcoat in LCD module assembly.
Acheson ELECTRODAG 503 -- 8799480217601 Specially designed product intended for use as a counter electrode silver paint for solid tantalum capacitors in high temperature applications. An air dry system without the need for bake-out and...