Henkel Corporation - Electronics Datasheets for Polyurethane Adhesives and Sealants

Polyurethane adhesives and sealants provide excellent flexibility, impact resistance, and durability. They are available in one-part or two-part systems.
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Product Name Notes
LOCTITE STYCAST PC 355-1 (Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT PC355-1) -- 8799469699073 (Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT PC355-1 ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 355-1 is a lead-free, transparent, one-component protective varnish system that is dry to the touch in under 30 minutes.
LOCTITE STYCAST U 7510-1 (Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT U7510-1) -- 8799536414721 (Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT U7510-1 ) LOCTITE STYCAST U 7510-1 is a lead-free, transparent, one component protective varnish system that is dry to the touch in under 30 minutes.
LOCTITE STYCAST UV 7993 (Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT UV7993) -- 8802589999105 (Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT UV7993 ) Solvent-free, one component dual cure conformal coating.
LOCTITE STYCAST PC 18M (Known as Hysol PC18M) -- 8799375753217 (Known as Hysol PC18M ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 18M is a flexible solvent-based, one-component coating. Provides good thermal shock resistance.
LOCTITE STYCAST PC 28-STD (Known as Hysol PC28STD) -- 8799376474113 (Known as Hysol PC28STD ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 28-STD is a convenient aerosol packaging, oxygen-cure, printed circuit board coating system.
LOCTITE STYCAST PC 29M PTB (Known as Hysol PC29M) -- 8799547588609 (Known as Hysol PC29M ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 29M PTB is a thin-film printed circuit board coating with good toughness and high flexibility. Note: Not sold in Europe.
LOCTITE STYCAST PC 40-UM (Known as Hysol PC40-UM) -- 8799547621377 (Known as Hysol PC40-UM ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 40-UM is a solvent-free, low-viscosity, rapid gel, UV-moisture cure one component conformal coating.
LOCTITE STYCAST PC 40-UMF (Known as HYSOL PC40-UMF) -- 8799552077825 (Known as HYSOL PC40-UMF ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 40-UMF conformal coating is specifically formulated to rapidly gel and immobolise when exposed to UV light and then fully cure when exposed...
LOCTITE STYCAST US 0154 (Known as Hysol US0154) -- 8799548473345 (Known as Hysol US0154 ) Encapsulant potting urethane.
LOCTITE STYCAST US 1151 (Known as HYSOL US1151) -- 8802596945921 (Known as HYSOL US1151 ) LOCTITE STYCAST US 1151 is a low viscosity, reenterable potting and encapsulation compound. It has excellent low temperature properties. Introduction of this material on a...
LOCTITE STYCAST US 1750 (Known as HYSOL US1750) -- 8799575670785 (Known as HYSOL US1750 ) LOCTITE STYCAST US 1750 elastomeric polyurethane, is a waterwhite, clear, medical grade, fast gel potting material. It is ideal for blood heat exchanger, dialyzer and...
LOCTITE STYCAST US 2050 (Known as Hysol US2050) -- 8799548211201 (Known as Hysol US2050 ) LOCTITE STYCAST US 2050 is a quick set, optically clear polyurethane compound that exhibits excellent ultraviolet resistance. The excellent electrical properties also suggest its use...
LOCTITE STYCAST US 2350 (Known as Hysol US2350) -- 8799548145665 (Known as Hysol US2350 ) LOCTITE STYCAST US 2350 is a flexible, flame retardant, mineral filled, polyurethane compound. This potting compound has long pot life and is low viscosity so...
HYSOL US1150 -- 8802596782081 HYSOL US1150 is an extended polybutadiene/MDI base, mineral filled, medium hardness, ambient cure urethane encapsulant/sealant. This material can be used for potting electronics or devices for protection against environmental hazards.
Hysol STYCAST U2500 -- 8799570460673 Stycast U2500 is an encapsulant designed for transformer, PCB's and other insulation applications. It allows complete impregnation of either small slightly wound coils or large castings.