Henkel Corporation - Electronics Datasheets for Polyurethane Adhesives and Sealants

Polyurethane adhesives and sealants provide excellent flexibility, impact resistance, and durability. They are available in one-part or two-part systems.
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Product Name Notes
(Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT PC355-1 ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 355-1 is a lead-free, transparent, one-component protective varnish system that is dry to the touch in under 30 minutes.
(Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT U7510-1 ) LOCTITE STYCAST U 7510-1 is a lead-free, transparent, one component protective varnish system that is dry to the touch in under 30 minutes.
(Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT UV7993 ) Solvent-free, one component dual cure conformal coating.
(Known as Hysol PC18M ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 18M is a flexible solvent-based, one-component coating. Provides good thermal shock resistance.
(Known as Hysol PC28STD ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 28-STD is a convenient aerosol packaging, oxygen-cure, printed circuit board coating system.
(Known as Hysol PC29M ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 29M PTB is a thin-film printed circuit board coating with good toughness and high flexibility. Note: Not sold in Europe.
(Known as Hysol PC40-UM ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 40-UM is a solvent-free, low-viscosity, rapid gel, UV-moisture cure one component conformal coating.
(Known as HYSOL PC40-UMF ) LOCTITE STYCAST PC 40-UMF conformal coating is specifically formulated to rapidly gel and immobolise when exposed to UV light and then fully cure when exposed...
(Known as Hysol US0154 ) Encapsulant potting urethane.
(Known as HYSOL US1151 ) LOCTITE STYCAST US 1151 is a low viscosity, reenterable potting and encapsulation compound. It has excellent low temperature properties. Introduction of this material on a...
(Known as HYSOL US1750 ) LOCTITE STYCAST US 1750 elastomeric polyurethane, is a waterwhite, clear, medical grade, fast gel potting material. It is ideal for blood heat exchanger, dialyzer and...
(Known as Hysol US2050 ) LOCTITE STYCAST US 2050 is a quick set, optically clear polyurethane compound that exhibits excellent ultraviolet resistance. The excellent electrical properties also suggest its use...
(Known as Hysol US2350 ) LOCTITE STYCAST US 2350 is a flexible, flame retardant, mineral filled, polyurethane compound. This potting compound has long pot life and is low viscosity so...
HYSOL US1150 is an extended polybutadiene/MDI base, mineral filled, medium hardness, ambient cure urethane encapsulant/sealant. This material can be used for potting electronics or devices for protection against environmental hazards.
Stycast U2500 is an encapsulant designed for transformer, PCB's and other insulation applications. It allows complete impregnation of either small slightly wound coils or large castings.