Henkel Corporation - Electronics Datasheets for Silicone Adhesives and Sealants

Silicone adhesives and sealants have a high degree of flexibility and a very high temperature resistance (up to 600° F), but lack the strength of other epoxy or acrylic resins.
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Product Name Notes
LOCTITE STYCAST SC 3613 (Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT SC3613) -- 8799536381953 (Known as Hysol ECCOCOAT SC3613 ) Heat curable, optically clear, high purity, one-component coating to be applied by brush, dip or flow coating.
LOCTITE 5210 -- 8802602123265 LOCTITE 5210 is an ultra fast curing, non-corrosive RTV silicone designed for potting, wire tracking, selective sealing, vibration dampening and repair/rework applications on PCB's.
LOCTITE 5290 -- 8799373918209 Loctite 5290 is used for protecting printed circuit boards and other sensitive electronic components. It is designed to provide environmental protection. This product is typically used in applications with an...
LOCTITE 5293 -- 8799403245569 LOCTITE 5293 is a repairable, solvent-free, medium viscosity, UV / moisture cure silicone suited to brush, dip and selective coating.
LOCTITE 5296 -- 8802598092801 LOCTITE 5296 is a heat cure silicone that can be applied with brush, dip or spray. High reliability automotive. Clear.
LOCTITE 5404 -- 8799578521601 LOCTITE 5404 Output is a self-shimming, flexible silicone adhesive for demanding parts such as ceramic boards.
Loctite 5192 -- 8802612379649
Loctite 5192DM -- 8802602942465
Loctite® Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives (LOCAs) for cover lens bonding, touch panel sensor assembly and direct bonding applications in touch panel and display devices including mobile phones, tablets, monitors, televisions...