R. STAHL, Inc. Datasheets for Operator Interface Enclosures

Operator interface enclosures are used to house industrial controls such as display screens, pushbuttons, keyboards, lights, and other operator control devices. They are designed to protect personnel from accidental injury and to prevent the ingress of environmental contaminants such as dust and water.
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Product Name Notes
Circumferential protection channel prevents water entry Extended temperature range due to high-quality seal materials Optionally with hinges / cam locks or screw-on cover Hinge versions with large opening angle 130°
Enclosure material Painted sheet steel Stainless steel 6 enclosure sizes available ATEX / IECEx Class I (NEC 505) (NEC 506) Class I Class II Class III Zone 0 1 2...
Enclosures in glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin Secure protection of built-in devices Corrosion resistant Modular enclosure dimensions Low weight Minimal maintenance required ATEX / IECEx Zone 0 1 2 20 21...