Hi-Tech Seals, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Sealants

Industrial sealants are liquid or viscous compounds used between surfaces to contain fluids, prevent leaks, and prevent infiltration of unwanted material. They may also include compounds for filling gaps or seams.
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Product Name Notes
Cylinlock® Adhesive -- Grade 822
Cylinlock® Adhesive -- Grade 823
Cylinlock® Adhesive -- Grade 824
Cylinlock® Adhesive -- Grade 826
Cylinlock® Adhesive -- Grade 840
Cylinlock® Adhesive -- Grade 842
Cylinlock® Adhesive -- Grade 844
Cylinlock® Adhesive -- Grade 846
Cylinlock® Adhesive -- Grade 850
Assembly of cylindrical parts, such as rotors, gears, bushings, collars and bearings, can be effectively and reliably accomplished with HERNON®’s line of Cylinlock® Retaining Compounds. Cylinlock® high strength products eliminate...
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 110
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 112
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 113
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 114
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 115
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 117
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 119
Classic cyanoacrylates are represented by the ethyl and methyl chemistries. Generally, the methyls offer better bond strengths on metals, the ethyls providing better strengths on everything else. Substrate selection and...
ReAct™ Adhesive -- Grade 727
ReAct™ Adhesive -- Grade 730
ReAct™ Adhesive -- Grade 761
ReAct™ Adhesive -- Grade 784
HERNON® offers a complete line of structural acrylic adhesives. These systems are two-part, no mix, and reactive adhesives. Each acrylic adhesive has two components: the adhesive base or resin, and...
Ultrabond™ Adhesive -- Grade 706
Ultrabond™ Adhesive -- Grade 717
Ultrabond™ Adhesive -- Grade 735
Ultrabond™ Adhesive -- Grade 736
Ultrabond™ Adhesive -- Grade 740
Ultrabond™ Adhesive -- Grade 748
Ultrabond™ Adhesive -- Grade 755
Ultrabond™ Adhesive -- Grade 756
Ultrabond™ Adhesive -- Grade 757
Ultrabond™ Adhesive -- Grade 758
HERNON® offers a complete line of ultraviolet curing adhesives and compounds, the Ultrabond® line of products. These products are single component systems offering either ultraviolet light or ultraviolet light &
Self Sealer Thread Sealants -- Grade 604
Self Sealer Thread Sealants -- Grade 615
Self Sealer Thread Sealants -- Grade 616
Self Sealer Thread Sealants -- Grade 618
HERNON® Self Sealer products are tough, pre-applied, non-hardening thread sealants. They provide instant seal on different pipe threads and can be used up to eight (8) times without re-coating. Self-Sealer...
Dripstop® Sealant -- Grade 920
Dripstop® Sealant -- Grade 923
Dripstop® Sealant -- Grade 940
Dripstop® Sealant -- Grade 947
HERNON®’s line of Dripstop® sealants for plumbing, refrigeration and hydraulics are engineered with many advantages over conventional pipe dopes. These materials harden without shrinkage in the joints creating a tough,...
Nuts N' Bolts® Adhesive -- Grade 420
Nuts N' Bolts® Adhesive -- Grade 423
Nuts N' Bolts® Adhesive -- Grade 425
Nuts N' Bolts® Adhesive -- Grade 426
Nuts N' Bolts® Adhesive -- Grade 427
Nuts N' Bolts® Adhesive -- Grade 428
Nuts N' Bolts® Adhesive -- Grade 429
Nuts N' Bolts® Adhesive -- Grade 431
Nuts N' Bolts® Adhesive -- Grade 434
The Nuts N’ Bolts is an anaerobic adhesive, used in nut and bolt assemblies. When the adhesive is confined between substrates, the oxygen is eliminated and the adhesive cures. These...
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 108
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 124
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 125
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 126
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 134
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 135
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 138
The Quantum® group of HERNON® cyanoacrylates offers specialized performance attributes. This range of grades has been engineered to provide solutions to specific cyanoacrylate challenges. Three categories are offered: surface insensitive,...