Hi-Tech Seals, Inc. Datasheets for Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are one-part acrylate adhesives that cure instantly on contact with mated surfaces through a reaction with surface moisture. Cyanoacrylates are often called super glues. 
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Product Name Notes
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 110
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 112
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 113
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 114
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 115
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 117
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 119
Classic cyanoacrylates are represented by the ethyl and methyl chemistries. Generally, the methyls offer better bond strengths on metals, the ethyls providing better strengths on everything else. Substrate selection and...
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 108
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 124
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 125
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 126
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 134
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 135
Quantum® Adhesive -- Grade 138
The Quantum® group of HERNON® cyanoacrylates offers specialized performance attributes. This range of grades has been engineered to provide solutions to specific cyanoacrylate challenges. Three categories are offered: surface insensitive,...