Polymer Molding, Inc. Datasheets for Caps, Grips, and Closures

Grips, caps and closures are protective devices for the ends of a shaft, tube, pipe, fitting, connector, screw, bar, or other shape. They can also be used to provide a hand grip or hanger tip.
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Product Name Notes
CS Series -- CS-1
CS Series -- CS-1-1/8
CS Series -- CS-1/2
CS Series -- CS-1/4
CS Series -- CS-3-1/8
CS Series -- CS-3/4
CS Series -- CS-5/8
CS Series -- CS-7/16
CS Series -- CS-7/8
CS Series -- CS-9/16
CS Series Caps are designed to fit outside diameters on tubing and other round objects with or without threads. These caps are designed to cap diameters or threaded products that...
FS Series -- FS-10
FS Series -- FS-12
FS Series -- FS-16
FS Series -- FS-20
FS Series -- FS-4
FS Series -- FS-6
FS Series -- FS-8
Designed to fit female O-ring face-seal fittings. Typical wall thickness: .032 Color: Blue Material: Low Density Polyethylene LDPE service temperature: 150° F (66° C) RoHS Compliant
TC Series -- TC-10
TC Series -- TC-11
TC Series -- TC-12
TC Series -- TC-13
TC Series -- TC-16
TC Series -- TC-17
TC Series -- TC-20
TC Series -- TC-21
TC Series -- TC-24
TC Series -- TC-3
TC Series -- TC-32
TC Series -- TC-4
TC Series -- TC-5
TC Series -- TC-6
TC Series -- TC-6x
TC Series -- TC-7
TC Series -- TC-8
TC Series -- TC-9
Designed to fit male SAE/JIC O-ring face-seal fittings. Typical wall thickness: .032 Color: Blue or natural Material: Low Density Polyethylene LDPE service temperature: 150° F (66° C) RoHS Compliant
SFC Series -- SFC-10
SFC Series -- SFC-12
SFC Series -- SFC-16
SFC Series -- SFC-20
SFC Series -- SFC-24
SFC Series -- SFC-32
SFC Series -- SFC-40
SFC Series -- SFC-8
Designed to protect the face of split flange connections. Internal radius ring allows for part to snap in place. Typical wall thickness: .032 Color: Natural Material: Low Density Polyethylene LDPE...
C Series -- C-1
C Series -- C-1-1/16
C Series -- C-1-1/2
C Series -- C-1-1/4
C Series -- C-1-1/8
C Series -- C-1-3/16
C Series -- C-1-3/4
C Series -- C-1-3/8
C Series -- C-1-5/16
C Series -- C-1-5/8
C Series -- C-1-7/8
C Series -- C-1/2
C Series -- C-1/4
C Series -- C-1/8
C Series -- C-11/16
C Series -- C-13/16
C Series -- C-15/16
C Series -- C-2
C Series -- C-2-1/2
C Series -- C-2-1/4
C Series -- C-2-1/8
C Series -- C-2-3/4
C Series -- C-2-3/8
C Series -- C-23/32
C Series -- C-25/32-1
C Series -- C-3
C Series -- C-3-1/2
C Series -- C-3-1/4
C Series -- C-3-1/8
C Series -- C-3/16
C Series -- C-3/4
C Series -- C-3/8
C Series -- C-5/16
C Series -- C-5/32
C Series -- C-5/8
C Series -- C-7/16
C Series -- C-7/32
C Series -- C-7/8
C Series -- C-9/16
C Series -- C-9/32
C Series -- C-9/32W/R
End Caps are designed to fit outside diameters on tubing and other round objects with or without threads. Typical wall thickness: .032 Color: Blue Material: Low Density Polyethylene LDPE service...
FC Series -- FC-1-15/16
FC Series -- FC-12MM
FC Series -- FC-2-5/8
FC Series -- FC-3/4
FC Series -- FC-3/8
FC Series -- FC-5/16
FC Series -- FC-5/8
FC Series -- FC-7/16
FC Series -- FC-7/8
FC Series -- FC-7MM
FC Series -- FC-9MM
FC Series -- Z-114
Flanged Caps are designed to fit standard threaded fittings or smooth cylindrical tubing. Typical wall thickness: .032 Color: Orange Material: Low Density Polyethylene LDPE service temperature: 150° F (66° C)...
SC Series -- SC-1
SC Series -- SC-12
SC Series -- SC-14
SC Series -- SC-17
SC Series -- SC-2
SC Series -- SC-21
SC Series -- SC-22
SC Series -- SC-3/4
SC Series -- SC-5
SC Series Caps are manufactured with internal threads to provide a positive snap fit. Part can be threaded or pressed on. Typical wall thickness: .032 Color: Blue Material: Low Density...
SLC Series -- SLC 1
SLC Series -- SLC 1 1/16
SLC Series -- SLC 1 1/2
SLC Series -- SLC 1 1/4
SLC Series -- SLC 1/2
SLC Series -- SLC 1/4
SLC Series -- SLC 1/8
SLC Series -- SLC 15/32
SLC Series -- SLC 3/16
SLC Series -- SLC 3/32
SLC Series -- SLC 3/4
SLC Series -- SLC 3/8
SLC Series -- SLC 5/16
SLC Series -- SLC 5/32
SLC Series -- SLC 5/8
SLC Series -- SLC 7/16
SLC Series -- SLC 7/32
SLC Series -- SLC 7/64
SLC Series -- SLC 7/8
SLC Series -- SLC 9/32
SLC Series Silicone Rubber Caps are ideal for paint masks, protecting threads, tubes or other diameters during painting or coating processes. Soft and flexible, these caps will also conform to...
FCL Series -- FCL-1-1/16
FCL Series -- FCL-1-5/16
FCL Series -- FCL-1-7/8
FCL Series -- FCL-1/2
FCL Series -- FCL-1/4
FCL Series -- FCL-27/32
FCL Series -- FCL-3/4
FCL Series -- FCL-7/8
FCL Series -- FCL-9/16
FCL Series -- Z-109
FCL Series -- Z-168
The extended length Flange Caps are designed for applications where thread length or product design requires additional protection. The FCL Series Caps will fit standard threaded and non-threaded fittings or...
PC Series -- PC-1
PC Series -- PC-1/16
PC Series -- PC-1/2
PC Series -- PC-1/4
PC Series -- PC-1/8
PC Series -- PC-3/4
PC Series -- PC-3/8
The PC Series Pipe Caps are designed to protect threaded fittings and pipe ends from dirt, moisture and other contaminants associated with shipping and storage. Pipe Caps can be pushed...
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-1
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-10
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-11
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-12
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-13
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-14
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-15
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-16
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-17
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-18
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-19
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-2
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-20
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-21
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-22
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-23
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-24
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-25
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-26
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-27
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-27x
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-28
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-29
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-3
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-30
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-31
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-32
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-33
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-34
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-35
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-36
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-37
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-38
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-39
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-4
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-40
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-40x
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-41
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-42
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-42x
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-43
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-44
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-45
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-46
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-47
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-48
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-49
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-5
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-50
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-51
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-52
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-53
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-6
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-7
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-8
Tapered Series -- POLY-CAP-9
The tapered style can either be used as a cap or plug, depending on application. Excellent for protecting threads and keeping unwanted contamination out of pipes, valves, tubing and most...
CL Series -- CL-1
CL Series -- CL-1-1/2
CL Series -- CL-1-11/16
CL Series -- CL-1-3/4
CL Series -- CL-1-7/8
CL Series -- CL-11/16
CL Series -- CL-2
CL Series -- CL-2x
CL Series -- CL-3/4
CL Series -- Z-278
CL Series -- Z-279
CL Series -- Z-280
CL Series -- Z-455
These caps are designed to cap diameters where extended exposed surfaces require protection. Typical wall thickness: .032 Color: Blue Material: Low Density Polyethylene LDPE service temperature: 150° F (66° C)...
VC Series -- VC-1
VC Series -- VC-10
VC Series -- VC-11
VC Series -- VC-12
VC Series -- VC-13
VC Series -- VC-14
VC Series -- VC-15
VC Series -- VC-16
VC Series -- VC-17
VC Series -- VC-18
VC Series -- VC-19
VC Series -- VC-2
VC Series -- VC-20
VC Series -- VC-21
VC Series -- VC-22
VC Series -- VC-23
VC Series -- VC-24
VC Series -- VC-25
VC Series -- VC-26
VC Series -- VC-27
VC Series -- VC-28
VC Series -- VC-29
VC Series -- VC-3
VC Series -- VC-30
VC Series -- VC-31
VC Series -- VC-32
VC Series -- VC-33
VC Series -- VC-34
VC Series -- VC-35
VC Series -- VC-36
VC Series -- VC-37
VC Series -- VC-38
VC Series -- VC-39
VC Series -- VC-4
VC Series -- VC-40
VC Series -- VC-41
VC Series -- VC-42
VC Series -- VC-43
Vinyl products are a rapidly growing addition to the PMI family of product protection parts. This type of product proves to be excellent for high gloss finishes, flexibility, resistance to...

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