Armstrong International Datasheets for Air Valves

Air valves allow metered fluid flow in one or both directions. They are used in pneumatic circuits to regulate the rate of activation or exhaust of cylinders and other pneumatic devices.
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Product Name Notes
Pressure Reducing Valve -- AF-10
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GD-10
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GD-10F
The GD-10/10F is a lightweight direct-acting diaphragm valve used primarily for pneumatic tool air supply and non-hazardous gas regulation. Screwed connections make it easy to support in position without external...
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GD-200
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GD-200H
The GD-200/200H valves offer high capacity and highly accurate control, with a large, cupped diaphragm for a long stroke. Compact and rugged, the GD-200’s composition valve and bronze metal seat...
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GD-30
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GD-30S
The GD-30 is a compact, high-performance direct-acting valve. Economical to buy and use, it is ideal for those low- to moderate-flow applications where accuracy of +/- 10% is acceptable. The...
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GD-45 The GD-45 is a compact, high-performance direct-acting valve. Inexpensive to buy and use, it is ideal for those moderate-flow applications that do not justify the higher cost of pilot-controlled valves.
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GD-6
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GD-6N
The GD-6N and GD-6 are compact, direct-acting diaphragm valves ideal for low-flow applications, including laundry/dry-cleaning equipment, hospital equipment, tire/plastic molds and food processing. Lightweight and compact, the valves require no...
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GP-1000
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GP-1000A
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GP-1000AS
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GP-1000SS
The GP-1000 Series valves are pilot-controlled for accurate regulation of pressure under widely ranging flow. The internal-pilot design eliminates external components and piping. Internally piloted GP Series valves are capable...