Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS Datasheets for Fiber Optic Cleavers

Fiber Optic Cleavers are used to make precise optical fiber end face cuts. The smooth fiber end faces produced by fiber optic cleavers are essential for low loss fusion splicing.
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Product Name Notes
York Fiber Optic Cleaver
Fast Splicing for Emergency Restorations Self Gripping Clamshell Design Adhesive Option for Added Pull Strength Fits Fibrlok Style Splice Trays For 125um Clad Fiber Singlemode and Multimode Affordable
One Step Action Automatic Cleave Function Improves Cleave Quality Locking Blade Prevents Double Scoring Disposal System Safely Holds Stray Fibers Also Use to Cleave Ribbon Fiber
Portable and Easy to Use Choose CT-30A for Single Fiber Splicing or CT-30 for Ribbon Splicing Ribbon Model Cleaves 12-Fiber Ribbons Up to 48,000 Cleaves before Blade Replacement Built-in Fiber...
Precision Cleaves for Fusion Splicing Cleave Angle of 90 Degrees +- 0.5 Degrees. Approximately 48,000 Cleaves Includes a Fiber Waste Receptacle Affordably Priced
Variable cleave lengths from 5-20mm. Over 6,000 cleaves before replacement is necessary Score and snap function