Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS Datasheets for Wire and Cable Strippers

Cable and wire strippers are devices used to remove sections of insulation from electrical wire, allowing access to the conductor for terminating and splicing. This guide includes handheld, benchtop, powered, and chemical stripping processes.
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Product Name Notes
Jacket Stripper -- F1-0016 Dual “V” Notch Blade Plier Nose Spring Release Rubber Cushion Grip
Ribbon Fiber Jacket Stripper -- F1-1212 Easily strips 12 fiber ribbon cable High-grade carbon steel construction Ergonomically designed Rubber cushioned handles Fits comfortably in the hand
ACS Armored Cable Slitter -- F1-ACS
AFL Hot Jacket Stripper -- S010340
AFL Hot Jacket Stripper -- S010496
Buffer Tube Stripper (Coax Applications) -- F1-0021
Buffer Tube Stripper(Fiber Applications) -- F1-0017
Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc. Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc. (FIS) was founded in 1985 to fulfill the growing need in the communications industry for fiber optic cables and connectivity equipment. Corporate...
Paladin FiberOptic Stripper -- F1-1163 Five Stripping Functions in One Tool Strips Outer Jackets from 2.0-2.4mm Fiber, 2.8-3.0mm Fiber and 2.0-3.0mm Loose Tube Buffer Tubes
Greenlee Kwik Stripper CATV/UTP -- 45677 Greenlee Kwik Stripper CATV/UTP
Greenlee Kwik Stripper Twisted Pair -- 45579 Greenlee Kwik Stripper Twisted Pair
Fitel Hot Ribbon Stripper -- S218-R Heats Fibers/Ribbons for Easy Stripping Reduces Stripping Force Prevents Fiber Damage Heats Up in 13 sec. Includes Batteries, AC/DC Adapter
US Conec Optical Cable Jacket Remover -- F1-2009 Quick, Reliable Removal of PVC Jacket Eliminates Need for Sharp Tools Strips Ribbon Interconnect Cable, Round Cable and Zipcord Economical
Miller CFS-2 Stripper -- 46107 Removes 3mm Jacket, 900µm and 250µm Coatings Factory Calibrated for Precise Strips 'Super Comfort' Grips Includes Blade Lock
Round Cable Slitter -- MK02 Removes Outer Cable Jackets and Insulations Works Anywhere on Cable, Including Mid-Span Circumferential and Longitudinal Cutting Adjustable Cutting Depth Rugged Construction
Miller Cable Slitter -- F1-114
Miller Cable Slitter -- F1-158
Removes Variety of Jackets and Insulation Materials Provides Circumferential, Longitudinal and Spiral Cuts F1-114 Strips 4.5mm to 29mm Cable F1-158 Strips 19mm to 40mm Cable Spring-Loaded Cable Brace Replacement Blades...
RJ45/RJ11 Crimper / Stripper -- 468 RJ45/RJ11 Crimper / Stripper
Fitel De-Ribbonizer -- S220A Shaves Matrix off Top and Bottom of Ribbon Fiber Allows Easy Separation of Fibers Leaves Fiber Jackets Untouched For 300 and 400µm Ribbons of 2 to 12 Strands Blade Life...
Universal Paladin Slitter -- PA1822 Slits and Strips Rubber, PVC, Nylon and Most Insulation Adjustable Cutting Depth Circumferential, Longitudinal and Spiral Cuts Cable is Supported During Use Durable Stainless-Steel Blade Ideal for Mid-Point Access
Dual Hole Stripper -- WO-1224D
Miller Stripper -- WO-1224
Tri Hole Stripper -- WO-1224T
Smooth, Clean Stripping Action Hardened Stripping Jaws Strips 250µm and 900µm .0055” (0.14mm) Laser Drilled Hole
Thermal Fiber Stripper -- F1-9999 Softens and Strips 900µm Coatings. Less than 1 lb. Pulling Force Self-Aligning Blades for Precise Scoring and Nick Free Fiber Excellent for Use on Delicate Fiber Optic Components Battery Powered,...
Optical Fiber Cable Sheath Stripper -- JIC-4366 Strips and Butts Tight Buffer Fiber Optic Cables Dual Blade Design Strips Many Types of Materials Adjustable Stripping Depth Easy to Use
MinLite-Strip Optical Stripper -- 45-352 Strips Buffers and Coatings from 125µm Fiber Also Strips Cable Jackets Durable, Heat Treated Blade Cushioned, Spring-Loaded Handles
Sumitomo Stripper -- JR-25 Strips Coating from 250µm and 900µm Buffered Fiber Compact and Lightweight Field Replaceable Blades Built-in Measurement Scale
No-Nik Strippers (Blue) -- NN254
No-Nik Strippers (Mustard) -- NN174
No-Nik Strippers (Red) -- NN203
No-Nik Strippers (White) -- NN305
Strips Easily, with a Single Short Stroke Color-Coded Models for Easy Identification Stripping Accuracy -0 mm, +.0127 mm Plastic Heads Center and Protect Fiber Razor Sharp Scoring Blades
UTP Wire Striper -- TCS1 UTP Wire Striper
FIS Precision Fiber Strippers -- F1-1300Y
FIS Precision Fiber Strippers -- F1-1500
FIS Precision Fiber Strippers -- F1-1520
FIS Precision Fiber Strippers -- F1-375
Precision Blades for Clean, Consistent Strips Ergonomically Designed High Quality Affordably Priced