Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS Datasheets for Fiber Optic Attenuators

Fiber optic attenuators are devices that reduce signal power in fiber optic links by inducing a fixed or variable loss. They are used to control the power level of optical signals at the outputs of light sources and electrical-to-optical (E/O) converters. They are also used to test the linearity and dynamic range of photo sensors and photo detectors.
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Product Name Notes
Ceramic alignment sleeve, ability to increase attenuation to desired level
Changeable attenuation levels and low back reflection
Filter technology, vibration and temperature resistant
Fixed attenuation values are available in 1db increments for 1 to 20db
Passive device and leaves no lasting effects
Passive device, good for hundreds of use, no lasting effects
Washer style attenuator, placed at the light source