Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS Datasheets for Medical Electronic Connectors

Medical electronics connectors are used with medical devices and medical equipment in hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, and other healthcare facilities.
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Product Name Notes
RJ-45 Cat5e 8P/8W Plug for 24AWG -- KRJ45/5-100
RJ45 Cat5e 8P/8W Plug Solid Cable -- KRJ45/5SLD-100
* Used for field termination of patch cords * Contacts are plated with gold * Designed for 24 AWG stranded or solid cable * Strain relief boots sold separately *...
Molex Cat 5e Jack Almond -- KSJ0002401
Molex Cat 5e Jack Black -- KSJ0002404
Molex Cat 5e Jack Blue -- KSJ00024BL
Molex Cat 5e Jack Green -- KSJ00024GR
Molex Cat 5e Jack Grey -- KSJ0002408
Molex Cat 5e Jack Ivory -- KSJ0002405
Molex Cat 5e Jack Orange -- KSJ00024RG
Molex Cat 5e Jack Purple -- KSJ00024PP
Molex Cat 5e Jack Red -- KSJ00024RD
Molex Cat 5e Jack White -- KSJ0002402
Molex Cat 5e Jack Yellow -- KSJ00024YL
Molex Cat 6 Jack Black -- KSJ0001804
Molex Cat 6 Jack Blue -- KSJ00018BL
Molex Cat 6 Jack Green -- KSJ00018GR
Molex Cat 6 Jack Grey -- KSJ0001808
Molex Cat 6 Jack Ivory -- KSJ0001805
Molex Cat 6 Jack Orange -- KSJ00018RG
Molex Cat 6 Jack Purple -- KSJ00018PP
Molex Cat 6 Jack Red -- KSJ00018RD
Molex Cat 6 Jack White -- KSJ0001802
Molex Cat 6 Jack Yellow -- KSJ00018YL
Molex Cat6 Jack Almond -- KSJ0001801
Molex SC SM/MM Module Almond -- MSY0001801
Molex SC SM/MM Module White -- MSY0001802
Molex Single Position Blank Al -- KSJ0000501
Molex Single Position Blank Wh -- KSJ0000502
Molex ST MM Module Almond -- MSY0000401
Molex ST MM Module White -- MSY0000402
Datagate Cat 6 & 5E jacks offer a patented spring loaded shutter that protects it from dust and contaminants, as well as providing you with tactile feedback. All jacks feature...
AMP BNC SL Series Black -- 13391242
AMP Blank Insert Almond -- 11164121
AMP Blank Insert Black -- 11164122
AMP Blank Insert White -- 11164123
AMP Cat5e 110 Mod. Jack Almond -- 4063721
AMP Cat5e 110 Mod. Jack Black -- 4063722
AMP Cat5e 110 Mod. Jack Blue -- 4063726
AMP Cat5e 110 Mod. Jack Gray -- 4063724
AMP Cat5e 110 Mod. Jack Green -- 4063729
AMP Cat5e 110 Mod. Jack Orange -- 4063725
AMP Cat5e 110 Mod. Jack Red -- 4063727
AMP Cat5e 110 Mod. Jack White -- 4063723
AMP Cat5e 110 Mod. Jack Yellow -- 4063728
AMP Cat5E SL 110 Jack Almond -- 13751911
AMP Cat5E SL 110 Jack Black -- 13751912
AMP Cat5E SL 110 Jack Blue -- 13751916
AMP Cat5E SL 110 Jack Gray -- 13751914
AMP Cat5E SL 110 Jack Green -- 13751919
AMP Cat5E SL 110 Jack Orange -- 13751915
AMP Cat5E SL 110 Jack Red -- 13751917
AMP Cat5E SL 110 Jack Shielded -- 13751891
AMP Cat5E SL 110 Jack White -- 13751913
AMP Cat5E SL 110 Jack Yellow -- 13751918
AMP Cat6 SL 110 Jack Almond -- 13750551
AMP Cat6 SL 110 Jack Black -- 13750552
AMP Cat6 SL 110 Jack Blue -- 13750556
AMP Cat6 SL 110 Jack Green -- 13750559
AMP Cat6 SL 110 Jack Orange -- 13750555
AMP Cat6 SL 110 Jack Red -- 13750557
AMP Cat6 SL 110 Jack White -- 13750553
AMP Cat6 SL 110 Jack Yellow -- 13750558
AMP Cat6 SL 110 Shielded Jack -- 13751881
AMP SL Mod. Jack Term.Tool -- 17251501
FIS offers a wide range of connectors, jacks, inserts and tools from AMP NETCONNECT. These include Cat 6 SL Series Unshielded and Shielded Jacks Cat 6A SL Series AMP-Twist Jack...
Leviton 6+ Snap-In Connector -- 61110RX6
Leviton F-Type Quickport Mod. Almond -- 41084FAF
Leviton F-Type Quickport Mod. Ivory -- 41084FIF
Leviton F-Type Quickport Mod. White -- 41084FWF
Leviton LC Adapter SM/MM Black -- 41085MLE
Leviton LC Adapter SM/MM Grey -- 41085MLG
Leviton LC Adapter SM/MM Ivory -- 41085MLI
Leviton LC Adapter SM/MM White -- 41085MLW
Leviton QuickPort SC Adapt. MM -- 41085MXC
Leviton QuickPort ST Adp SM/MM -- 41084SXF
Leviton SC Adapter MM Black -- 41085MEC
Leviton SC Adapter MM Black -- 41085MEF
Leviton SC Adapter MM Grey -- 41085MGC
Leviton SC Adapter MM Grey -- 41085MGF
Leviton SC Adapter MM Ivory -- 41085MIC
Leviton SC Adapter MM White -- 41085MWC
Leviton SC Adapter MM White -- 41085MWF
Leviton Snap-in Blank Quickport Mod -- 41084BIB
Leviton Snap-in Blank Quickport Mod -- 41084BWB
Leviton ST Adapter SM/MM Black -- 41084SEF
Leviton ST Adapter SM/MM Grey -- 41084SGF
Leviton ST Adapter SM/MM Ivory -- 41084SIF
Leviton ST Adapter SM/MM White -- 41084SWF
Leviton's QuickPort connectors fit all QuickPort wallplates, multimedia outlets, surface mount housings, mod. furniture, patch panels, and mounting plates. Choose from eXtreme 10G, eXtreme 6+, and Gigamax 5e category rated...
AESP Blank Keystone Module Ivy -- CMKBL
AESP Blank Keystone Module Wht -- CMKBLWH
AESP BNC Keystone Module Ivy -- CMKBNC
AESP Cat 6 Keystone Jack Green -- KJ458C6CGN
AESP Cat5E Keystone Jack Blk -- KJ458C5EBK
AESP Cat5E Keystone Jack Blue -- KJ458C5EBU
AESP Cat5E Keystone Jack Gray -- KJ458C5EGY
AESP Cat5E Keystone Jack Green -- KJ458C5EGN
AESP Cat5E Keystone Jack Ivory -- KJ458C5E
AESP CAT5E Keystone Jack Ivory -- KJ458C5EIV
AESP Cat5E Keystone Jack Red -- KJ458C5ERD
AESP Cat5E Keystone Jack White -- KJ458C5EWH
AESP Cat5E KeystoneJack Orange -- KJ458C5EOR
AESP Cat5E KeystoneJack Yellow -- KJ458C5EYE
AESP Cat6+ Keystone Jack Black -- KJ458C6CBK
AESP Cat6+ Keystone Jack Blue -- KJ458C6CBU
AESP Cat6+ Keystone Jack Ivory -- KJ458C6CIV
AESP Cat6+ Keystone Jack Orange -- KJ458C6COR
AESP Cat6+ Keystone Jack Red -- KJ458C6CRD
AESP Cat6+ Keystone Jack White -- KJ458C6CWH
AESP Cat6+ Keystone Jack Yellow -- KJ458C6CYE
AESP F-Type Module Black -- CMKFBK
AESP F-Type Module Ivy -- CMKF
AESP F-Type Module White -- CMKFWH
AESP LC Keystone Module Ivory -- CMKLC
AESP SC Keystone Module Ivy -- CMKSC
AESP SC Keystone Module Wht -- CMKSCWH
AESP ST Keystone Module Ivy -- CMKST
AESP ST Keystone Module Wht -- CMKSTWH
AESP SVHS to 110 Module White -- CMK110SVHSWH
BNC Keystone Module white -- CMKBNCWH
Signamax Keystone Jacks exceed all performance requirements as defined in TIA/EIA568-B. These Keystone Jacks are terminated with industry standard 110 or Krone tooling and have the ability to mount either...