Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS Datasheets for Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Fiber optic test equipment is used to detect the signal loss/change through a fiber optic cable.
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Product Name Notes
CMA5000 Multimode OTDRs -- 5266-210-OTDR
CMA5000 Singlemode OTDR -- 5225-110-OTDR
CMA5000 Singlemode OTDR -- 5235-110-OTDR
20GB hard drive, pulse mode & light source
CMA5000 Multimode OTDRs -- 5266-211-OTDR
CMA5000 Singlemode OTDR -- 5225-111-OTDR
CMA5000 Singlemode OTDR -- 5235-111-OTDR
20GB hard drive, pulse mode, light source & fault locator
CMA5000 Multimode OTDRs -- 5266-000-OTDR
CMA5000 Singlemode OTDR -- 5225-000-OTDR
CMA5000 Singlemode OTDR -- 5235-000-OTDR
20GB hard drive
Fluke VFL -- VISIFAULT Accelerated end-to-end fiber continuity
FIS Pocket Fault Locator -- F1-9000
FIS Pocket Fault Locator -- F1-9000125
All aluminum construction, tests for continuity
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-E15-EI-EUI-89
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-E15-EI-EUI-90
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-E15-EI-EUI-91
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-E3-EI-EUI-89
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-E3-EI-EUI-90
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-E3-EI-EUI-91
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-E5-EI-EUI-89
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-E5-EI-EUI-90
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-E5-EI-EUI-91
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-PM3-E13-EI-EUI-89
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-PM3-E13-EI-EUI-90
Exfo FTB-150 OTDR -- FTB-150-S1-PM3-E13-EI-EUI-91
Applications from long-haul and WDM to metro and FTTH networks
FIS Light Source -- 9050-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9051-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9052-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9053-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9054-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9055-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9056-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9058-0000
Auto shut off & low battery indicator, optional AC power supply
FIS CrossFire™ -- CF1315
FIS CrossFire™ -- CF1415
FIS CrossFire™ -- CF8513
Automated dual wavelength bi-directional tester, tone detection capability
FIS Deluxe Power Meter -- OV3-PM Backlit display, stores up to 255 tests, AC adapter/ charger
Anritsu Access Master MT9083A OTDR -- MT9083A-051B
Anritsu Access Master MT9083A OTDR -- MT9083A-053B
Anritsu Access Master MT9083A OTDR -- MT9083A-056B
Anritsu Access Master MT9083A OTDR -- MT9083A-057B
Anritsu Access Master MT9083A OTDR -- MT9083A-063B
Anritsu Access Master MT9083A OTDR -- MT9083A-064B
Compact, lightweight, rugged design
FIS Hand Held Power Meter -- F1-1315LA
FIS Hand Held Power Meter -- F1-813LE
Convenient rugged carry case complete with reference cord and mating sleeve
FIS Ruggedized Power Meter -- 9080-0000 Designed for harsh outdoor environments, low cost with high quality
FIS Hand Held Power Meter -- F1-1315LR
FIS Hand Held Power Meter -- F1-1415LR
Dual Laser LS
FIS Hand Held Power Meter -- F1-813LR Dual LED LS
FIS Advanced Mini-OTDR -- OVX-1315
FIS Advanced Mini-OTDR -- OVX-131516
FIS Advanced Mini-OTDR -- OVX-8513
FIS Advanced Mini-OTDR -- OVX-QUAD
Easy to read color display, one button auto testing
FIS Continuity Tester -- F1-5000
FIS Continuity Tester -- F1-5000FC
FIS Continuity Tester -- F1-5000LC
FIS Continuity Tester -- F1-5000SC
FIS Continuity Tester -- F1-5000SMA
FIS Continuity Tester -- F1-5000U
Efficiently transmits light down the fiber
EXFO Fiberbasix 100 Light Source -- ELS-100-235BL-22
EXFO Fiberbasix 100 Light Source -- ELS-100-235BL-32
EXFO Fiberbasix 100 Light Source -- ELS-100-235BL-54
Excellent stability, high measurement accuracy up to 3SM *& 2MM wavelengths
FIS Visual Fault Locator -- OF-1000-UF
FIS Visual Fault Locator -- OF-1000U-FCA
FIS Visual Fault Locator -- OF-1000U-LC
FIS Visual Fault Locator -- OF-1000U-MTRJ
FIS Visual Fault Locator -- OF-1000U-SCA
Fiber end identification and continuity testing for long distances
Hand Held Miniature Fault Locator -- F1-FOD11 For breaks bends up to 3mm jacketed fibers, perfect end-end identification
Wilcom MT-RJ Visual Fault Locator -- F6240 For finding breaks or tightbends, independently launches bright red laser
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-13
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-1315
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-1415
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-15
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-31
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-85
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-8513
Includes high resolution power meter calibrated at 850/1310/1490/1550
EXFO AXS-110 OTDR -- OFL-250 Integrated OPM, LS, and VFL
EXFO AXS-200 SharpTESTER -- TK-AXS-360-A1-ZZ-B1
EXFO AXS-200 SharpTESTER -- TK-AXS-360-A1-ZZ-B2
EXFO AXS-200 SharpTESTER -- TK-AXS-360-A1-ZZ-B3
Large data storage and reporting software
FIS Ruggedized Light Source -- 9086-0000
FIS Ruggedized Light Source -- 9087-0000
FIS Ruggedized Light Source -- 9088-0000
FIS Ruggedized Test Set -- 9081-0000
FIS Ruggedized Test Set -- 9082-0000
FIS Ruggedized Test Set -- 9083-0000
Low cost with high quality, ruggedized housing
CMA5000 Main Frames -- 5000-150-DC
CMA5000 Main Frames -- 5000-250-DC
Mainframes are standard with color touch display, 20 GB hard drive
EXFO FTB-200 Modular OTDR -- FTB-200 Many configurations and modules available, contact FIS for addl. Info
FIS Hand Held Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9999A
FIS Ruggedized HH Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9199A
FIS Ruggedized HH Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9299A
FIS Ruggedized HH Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9399A
FIS Ruggedized HH Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9499A
FIS Ruggedized HH Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9599A
FIS Ruggedized HH Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9699A
FIS Ruggedized HH Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9899A
One button scan, easy zoom features, 220V model available
FIS Hand Held Certification Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9199AHH
FIS Hand Held Certification Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9299AHH
FIS Hand Held Certification Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9399AHH
FIS Hand Held Certification Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9499-AHH
FIS Hand Held Certification Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9599-AHH
FIS Hand Held Certification Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9699-AHH
FIS Hand Held Certification Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9899-AHH
FIS Hand Held Certification Mini-OTDR -- OVM-9999-AHH
One button scan, easy zoom features, certification software included
FIS Deluxe Mini OTDR -- OVH1315
FIS Deluxe Mini OTDR -- OVH8513
One button testing, telcordia compatible trace file
Live Fiber Identifier -- LFD-300 One headpiece works on 900┬Ám, 1.6mm and 3mm jackets
FIS Hand Held Power Meter -- F1-8513HH
FIS Hand Held Power Meter -- F1-8513HHCATV
Operating manual, 2.5mm universal adapter
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1300LE
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1300LR
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1315RG
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1345LR
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1500LR
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1835LR
FIS Test Set Kit -- 813RG
FIS Test Set Kit -- 850LE
Operating manuals and batteries included
EXFO Fiberbasix 500 Power Meter -- EPM-502-FOA-22
EXFO Fiberbasix 500 Power Meter -- EPM-502-FOA-32
EXFO Fiberbasix 500 Power Meter -- EPM-502-FOA-54
Pass/fail threshold settings, memory cap. 1000 data items, USB connection
EXFO PON Power Meter -- PPM-352B-EG-ER-EI-EUI-89
EXFO PON Power Meter -- PPM-352B-EG-ER-EI-EUI-90
EXFO PON Power Meter -- PPM-352B-EG-ER-EI-EUI-91
PON power meter with pass through port
EXFO Visual Fault Locator -- FLS-241-UNIV Pulsed operation: 50 hrs (typical)
EXFO Fiberbasix 100 Power Meter -- EPM-102-FOA-22
EXFO Fiberbasix 100 Power Meter -- EPM-102-FOA-32
EXFO Fiberbasix 100 Power Meter -- EPM-102-FOA-54
Rugged hand held test instruments, testing and troubleshooting fiber optics
Fitel Fiber Identifier -- F1-IDH Super low insertion loss, for jacketed, coated or ribbon fibers
EXFO AXS-110 OTDR -- AXS-110-12CD-23B-EI-EUI-89
EXFO AXS-110 OTDR -- AXS-110-12CD-23B-EI-EUI-90
EXFO AXS-110 OTDR -- AXS-110-12CD-23B-EI-EUI-91
EXFO AXS-110 OTDR -- AXS-110-12CD-EI-EUI-89
EXFO AXS-110 OTDR -- AXS-110-12CD-EI-EUI-90
EXFO AXS-110 OTDR -- AXS-110-12CD-EI-EUI-91
EXFO AXS-110 OTDR -- AXS-110-23B-EI-EUI-89
EXFO AXS-110 OTDR -- AXS-110-23B-EI-EUI-90
EXFO AXS-110 OTDR -- AXS-110-23B-EI-EUI-91
Tests through high-port-count splitters
Wilcom Pocket Visual Fault Locator -- F6230A Universal connector accepting, emits visible red light that can seen 5 km
Wilcom CATV Fiber Identifier -- F6222C Wilcom CATV fiber identifier
Wilcom Fiber Identifier -- F6222 Wilcom fiber identifier with core power & digital display
Wilcom Fiber Identifier -- F6121A Wilcom fiber identifier
Wilcom Ribbon Fiber Identifier -- F6121R Wilcom ribbon fiber identifier
Anritsu CMA4500 Fiber Optic OTDR -- 4500D-66-0
CMA4500 QUAD OTDR -- 4500D-61-0
CMA4500 SM OTDR -- 4500D-25-0
Windows based unit, large high resolution color display
Anritsu CMA4500 Fiber Optic OTDR -- 4500D-66-2
CMA4500 QUAD OTDR -- 4500D-61-2
CMA4500 SM OTDR -- 4500D-25-2
Windows based unit, light source & fault locator
FIS Hand Held Power Meter -- F1-8513HR
FIS Hand Held Power Meter -- F1-8513HR-4
FIS Hand Held Power Meter -- F1-8513HRCATV
FIS Hand Held Power Meter -- F1-8513HRCATV-4
Zero set reference storage ability at each wavelength