Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS Datasheets for Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Fiber optic test equipment is used to detect the signal loss/change through a fiber optic cable.
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Product Name Notes
20GB hard drive, pulse mode & light source
20GB hard drive, pulse mode, light source & fault locator
20GB hard drive
Accelerated end-to-end fiber continuity
All aluminum construction, tests for continuity
Applications from long-haul and WDM to metro and FTTH networks
Auto shut off & low battery indicator, optional AC power supply
Automated dual wavelength bi-directional tester, tone detection capability
Backlit display, stores up to 255 tests, AC adapter/ charger
Compact, lightweight, rugged design
Convenient rugged carry case complete with reference cord and mating sleeve
Designed for harsh outdoor environments, low cost with high quality
Dual Laser LS
Easy to read color display, one button auto testing
Efficiently transmits light down the fiber
Excellent stability, high measurement accuracy up to 3SM *& 2MM wavelengths
Fiber end identification and continuity testing for long distances
For breaks bends up to 3mm jacketed fibers, perfect end-end identification
For finding breaks or tightbends, independently launches bright red laser
Includes high resolution power meter calibrated at 850/1310/1490/1550
Integrated OPM, LS, and VFL
Large data storage and reporting software
Low cost with high quality, ruggedized housing
Mainframes are standard with color touch display, 20 GB hard drive
Many configurations and modules available, contact FIS for addl. Info
One button scan, easy zoom features, 220V model available
One button scan, easy zoom features, certification software included
One button testing, telcordia compatible trace file
One headpiece works on 900┬Ám, 1.6mm and 3mm jackets
Operating manual, 2.5mm universal adapter
Operating manuals and batteries included
Pass/fail threshold settings, memory cap. 1000 data items, USB connection
PON power meter with pass through port
Pulsed operation: 50 hrs (typical)
Rugged hand held test instruments, testing and troubleshooting fiber optics
Super low insertion loss, for jacketed, coated or ribbon fibers
Tests through high-port-count splitters
Universal connector accepting, emits visible red light that can seen 5 km
Wilcom CATV fiber identifier
Wilcom fiber identifier with core power & digital display
Wilcom fiber identifier
Wilcom ribbon fiber identifier
Windows based unit, large high resolution color display
Windows based unit, light source & fault locator
Zero set reference storage ability at each wavelength