Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS Datasheets for Fiber Optic Test Sources

Fiber optic test sources review the performance of a system by injecting light through the fibers.
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Product Name Notes
FIS Light Source -- 9050-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9051-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9052-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9053-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9054-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9055-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9056-0000
FIS Light Source -- 9058-0000
Auto shut off & low battery indicator, optional AC power supply
FIS CrossFire™ -- CF1315
FIS CrossFire™ -- CF1415
FIS CrossFire™ -- CF8513
Automated dual wavelength bi-directional tester, tone detection capability
EXFO Fiberbasix 100 Light Source -- ELS-100-235BL-22
EXFO Fiberbasix 100 Light Source -- ELS-100-235BL-32
EXFO Fiberbasix 100 Light Source -- ELS-100-235BL-54
Excellent stability, high measurement accuracy up to 3SM *& 2MM wavelengths
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-13
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-1315
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-1415
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-15
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-31
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-85
FIS Optical Verifier -- OV3-8513
Includes high resolution power meter calibrated at 850/1310/1490/1550
EXFO AXS-200 SharpTESTER -- TK-AXS-360-A1-ZZ-B1
EXFO AXS-200 SharpTESTER -- TK-AXS-360-A1-ZZ-B2
EXFO AXS-200 SharpTESTER -- TK-AXS-360-A1-ZZ-B3
Large data storage and reporting software
FIS Ruggedized Light Source -- 9086-0000
FIS Ruggedized Light Source -- 9087-0000
FIS Ruggedized Light Source -- 9088-0000
FIS Ruggedized Test Set -- 9081-0000
FIS Ruggedized Test Set -- 9082-0000
FIS Ruggedized Test Set -- 9083-0000
Low cost with high quality, ruggedized housing
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1300LE
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1300LR
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1315RG
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1345LR
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1500LR
FIS Test Set Kit -- 1835LR
FIS Test Set Kit -- 813RG
FIS Test Set Kit -- 850LE
Operating manuals and batteries included