Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS Datasheets for Protective Sleeving

Protective sleeves are special, corrugated conduits used to organize cables and wires.
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Product Name Notes
Colored Shrink Tube -- F1-5527-13A 13mm Shrink Tube Kit w/adhesive
Colored Shrink Tube -- F1-5527-26A 26mm Shrink Tube Kit w/adhesive
Ultrasleeve® Mechanical Sleeve -- F1-FS40
Ultrasleeve® Mechanical Sleeve -- F1-FS60
Acrylic foam tape, which seals the sleeve and protects from damage
Colored Shrink Tube -- F1-5527-BL Black Shrink Tube
Ribbon Sleeve -- F1-10112DP Dual strength
Colored Shrink Tube -- F1-5527-GN Green Shrink Tube
FIS Dielectric -- F1-DE40
FIS Dielectric -- F1-DE60
Non-metallic strength member for corrosion and electrical resistance
Colored Shrink Tube -- F1-5527-RD Red Shrink Tube
Slim Sleeve -- F1-S2540C
Slim Sleeve -- F1-S25C
Reduced diameter components
Standard Sleeve -- F1-100240C
Standard Sleeve -- F1-1002C
Standard Sleeve -- F1-1002RC
Reliable, highest quality sleeve
Ribbon Sleeve -- F1-10112CP Single strength
Tapered Sleeve -- F1-100240T
Tapered Sleeve -- F1-1002T
Tapered ends designed to keep the metal strength member in proper position
Micro Sleeve -- MCRO125CFD
Micro Sleeve -- MCRO140CFD
Micro Sleeve -- MINI125CDS
Micro Sleeve -- MINI140CDS
Will only accommodate 250┬Ám coated fibers
Colored Shrink Tube -- F1-5527-YE Yellow Shrink Tube