Air Logic Datasheets for Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatic fittings are parts used to connect sections of pipe, tube, and hose in pneumatic (pressurized gas) lines and systems.
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Product Name Notes
Straight Swivel Fitting -- F-2150-80
Straight Swivel Fitting -- F-2150-83
Straight Swivel Fitting -- F-2150-85
Straight Swivel Fitting -- F-2150-86
Swivel Elbow Fitting -- F-2154-80
Swivel Elbow Fitting -- F-2154-83
Swivel Elbow Fitting -- F-2154-85
Swivel Elbow Fitting -- F-2154-86
Swivel Tee Fitting -- F-2155-80
Swivel Tee Fitting -- F-2155-83
Swivel Tee Fitting -- F-2155-85
Swivel Tee Fitting -- F-2155-86
Features 10-32 UNF THREADS BARB ROTATES 360° IN THREADED BASE PROVIDES A LEAK-FREE CONNECTION Swivel Fittings alleviate the problem of tube alignment and rotation commonly found when using fixed barbed...
Universal Swivel Bulkhead Fitting -- B0
Universal Swivel Bulkhead Fitting -- B5
Universal Swivel Bulkhead Fitting -- B6
Universal Swivel Bulkhead Fitting -- DBS
Features Assembly is a "Snap" Swivel Barb rotates 360° The unique design of the modular bulkhead base allows the swivel fitting to rotate 360°, independent of the bulkhead base. A...
Nipple Fitting -- F-3120-25
Plug Fitting -- F-3120-20
The 10-32 Plug and Nipple are precision molded of nylon or polypropylene. (Check Chemical Compatability of Polysulfone.)
Barbed Reducer Fitting (polysulfone) -- F-3120-68
Barbed Reducer Fitting (polysulfone) -- F-3120-70
The BARBED REDUCERS are precision molded of polysulphone and they join 1/16" I.D. to 1/8", or 1/16" I.D. to .170 I.D. flexible tubing. (Check Chemical Compatability of Polysulfone.)
Tee Fitting -- F-3145-65 The celcon Plastic Tee joins 1/16" I.D. flexible tubing together. (Check Chemical Compatability of Polysulfone.)
Female Filter -- F-970-25
Female Filter -- F-970-43
Female Filter -- F-970-5
Female Filter -- F-970-73
The disposable Filters are designed to remove most contaminant particles in compressed air systems; thereby extending the life of more valuable components. Three models are available. The F-950 Series Inline...
Barbed Cross Fitting -- F-3146-80
Barbed Cross Fitting -- F-3146-85
Barbed Elbow Plastic Fitting -- F-3144-80
Barbed Elbow Plastic Fitting -- F-3144-85
Barbed Fitting -- F-3120-80
Barbed Fitting -- F-3120-85
Barbed Fitting -- F-3120-86
Barbed Union Plastic Fitting -- F-3140-80
Barbed Union Plastic Fitting -- F-3140-85
Tee Fitting -- F-3145-80
Tee Fitting -- F-3145-85
The Multiple Barbed Fittings are precision molded of nylon or polypropylene. (Check Chemical Compatability of Polysulfone.)
Elbow Quick Disconnect -- F-4154-80
Elbow Quick Disconnect -- F-4154-85
Elbow Quick Disconnect -- F-4154-86
Straight Quick Disconnect -- F-4150-80
Straight Quick Disconnect -- F-4150-85
Straight Quick Disconnect -- F-4150-86
Tee Quick Disconnect -- F-4155-80
Tee Quick Disconnect -- F-4155-85
Tee Quick Disconnect -- F-4155-86
The Quick Disconnect Fitting is available in 3 models: The Straight, Elbow or Tee. The Fitting has 10-32 UNF Threads and a Barb for 1/16" I.D. Tubing
Reducing Bulkhead Connector -- F-3100-68 The REDUCING BULKHEAD CONNECTORS are precision molded of polysulphone. They join 1/16" I.D. to 1/8", or 1/16" to .170 I.D. flexible tubing. (Check Chemical Compatability of Polysulfone.)
Straight Swivel Fitting (1/4-18 NPT) -- F-3350-80
Straight Swivel Fitting (1/4-18 NPT) -- F-3350-83
Straight Swivel Fitting (1/4-18 NPT) -- F-3350-85
Straight Swivel Fitting (1/8-27 NPT) -- F-3250-80
Straight Swivel Fitting (1/8-27 NPT) -- F-3250-83
Straight Swivel Fitting (1/8-27 NPT) -- F-3250-85
Swivel Elbow (1/4-18 NPT) -- F-3354-80
Swivel Elbow (1/4-18 NPT) -- F-3354-83
Swivel Elbow (1/4-18 NPT) -- F-3354-85
Swivel Elbow Fitting (1/8-27 NPT) -- F-3254-80
Swivel Elbow Fitting (1/8-27 NPT) -- F-3254-83
Swivel Elbow Fitting (1/8-27 NPT) -- F-3254-85
Swivel Elbow Fitting (10-32 UNF) -- F-3154-80
Swivel Elbow Fitting (10-32 UNF) -- F-3154-83
Swivel Elbow Fitting (10-32 UNF) -- F-3154-85
Swivel Tee Fitting (1/4-18 NPT) -- F-3355-80
Swivel Tee Fitting (1/4-18 NPT) -- F-3355-83
Swivel Tee Fitting (1/4-18 NPT) -- F-3355-85
Swivel Tee Fitting (1/8-27 NPT) -- F-3255-80
Swivel Tee Fitting (1/8-27 NPT) -- F-3255-83
Swivel Tee Fitting (1/8-27 NPT) -- F-3255-85
Swivel Tee Fitting (10-32 UNF) -- F-3155-80
Swivel Tee Fitting (10-32 UNF) -- F-3155-83
Swivel Tee Fitting (10-32 UNF) -- F-3155-85
The Swivel Fittings (Patent #4,946,204) are available in three models. the Straight Swivel, The Swivel Elbow and the Swivel Tee. They are available with barbs for 1/16", 3/32", or 1/8"...
Union Fitting (polysulfone) -- F-3120-41
Union Fitting (polysulfone) -- F-3120-42
Union Fitting (polysulfone) -- F-3120-43
The UNIONS are precision molded of polysulphone or polypropylene, which join 1/16" I.D. to 1/8" I.D. flexible tubing. (Check Chemical Compatability of Polysulfone.)
Straight Swivel Fitting (10-32 UNF) -- F-3150-80
Straight Swivel Fitting (10-32 UNF) -- F-3150-83
Straight Swivel Fitting (10-32 UNF) -- F-3150-85
The unique design of the 10-32 UNF Swivel Fitting allows the barb to swivel 360° in the threaded base. The 10-32 threads are self-sealing and do not require a gasket.