Air Logic Datasheets for Air Pressure Regulators

Air pressure regulators control pressure in air lines (usually adjustable) to remove fluctuations and maintain consistent pressure for pneumatic devices.
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Product Name Notes
Manifold Mounted Pressure Regulator -- PR-6000 Series
Manifold Mounted Pressure Regulator -- R-6010
Manifold Mounted Pressure Regulator -- R-6030
Manifold Mounted Pressure Regulator -- R-6060
Manifold Mounted Pressure Regulator -- R-6100
The Manifold Mounted Precision Pressure Regulator are designed to mount directly on pneumatic circuit boards or manifold subplates. The port connections for the supply and output are located on the...
Preset Precision Pressure Regulator -- PR-7000 Series The Modular Precision Preset Regulator is designed to produce a precise output pressure that is preset. The regulator is ideal for instrumentation and industrial applications. The standard preset model is...
Precision Pressure Regulator -- R-7010
Precision Pressure Regulator -- R-7030
Precision Pressure Regulator -- R-7060
Precision Pressure Regulator -- R-7100
The Modular Subminiature Precision Pressure Regulator is designed for precise regulation of pressure. It is ideal for instrumentation and industrial applications. The pressure regulator has a 20 turn adjustment range...
Vacuum Piloted 3-Way Valve -- V-5700-10
Vacuum Piloted 3-Way Valve -- V-5700-28
Vacuum Piloted 3-Way Valve -- V-5700-5
Vacuum Piloted 3-Way Valve -- V-5800-10
Vacuum Piloted 3-Way Valve -- V-5800-28
Vacuum Piloted 3-Way Valve -- V-5800-5
The V-5700 and V-5800 Series Vacuum Piloted 3-Way Valve has an adjustable vacuum pilot setpoint; the sensing vacuum range is 1 to 28" Hg. Maximum signal pressure is 29.9" Hg.