TransPak Datasheets for Industrial Floor Mats

Industrial floor mats include rubber mats and matting, modular floor mat systems, and other matting for traction, impact protection, worker ergonomics and comfort. They can include functional features such as ESD protection.
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Product Name Notes
Basic anti-fatigue protection. PVC closed cell foam relieves leg and back discomfort. Provides a barrier to cold floors. All four sides are beveled to minimize trip hazards. 3/8" thickness.
Double rib high/low design scrapes mud and dirt from shoes. Non-slip vinyl backing. Raised ribs run the length of the mat. 3/8" thickness.
Durable vinyl mats feature ultra-soft cushioning and diamond pattern, anti-slip treads. Overall mat thickness is 9/16". Sloped beveled foam on all 4 undersides affords easy access onto and off of...
Extremely long lasting mat. Provides highest degree of crush resistance. Heavyweight vinyl non-slip backing ensures minimum movement. Use indoors at main entranceways or any high traffic area. 3/8" thickness.
Grease resistant, rubber compound withstands industrial cutting oils and chemicals. Large hole configuration facilitates drainage and resists clogging while mini-diamond studs on top surface minimize slippage. Yellow beveled border is...
Modular cross-hatch vinyl tiles snap together on-site for custom configurations. Raised diamonds on top surface facilitate drainage and aids traction. Beveled ramps and corners complete the installation and minimize trip...
Non-directional top surface ensures excellent traction and is easy to clean. Outperforms competitive products in tear resistance and tensile strength. Overall thickness is 3/8". All four sides are beveled to...
Raised border and deep channels trap moisture and debris. Raised pattern scrapes dirt and mud. Non-slip rubber cleats. 1/4" thickness.
Reversible anti-fatigue mat with molded-in beveled edges. Lightweight. Excellent grease-resistant properties. Good drainage. May also be used as an outdoor entrance mat. 5/8" thickness.
Smooth marble-pattern top surface of 1/8" heavy-duty rubber is combined with 3/8" dense foam base. Overall mat thickness is 1/2". Sloped beveled foam on all 4 sides affords easy access...
Tough, flexible rubber fingers sweep shoes clean while suction cups on the underside of mat help minimize shifting. Molded beveled edging on all 4 sides creates a moisture retention dam.
Use in entryways, lobbies and other light traffic areas. Non-slip vinyl backing. 5/16" thickness.

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