Titan Tool Supply, Inc. Datasheets for Light Guides

Light guides conduct the flow of light from a light source to a point of use in areas that are too small or too hazardous to permit the installation of a light bulb. There are two basic types of light guides: liquid and fiber optic.  Light guides are sometimes called light pipes (lightpipes).
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Product Name Notes
18" Long Bifurcated Light Guide -- FOI - 1
24" Bifurcated Light Guides -- FOI - 1-24
Bi-furcated Bundles are free standing Light Guides often utilized as an extra light source for microscopes and projectors. Their prime advantage is adjustability at any angle to the work piece,...
Fiber Optic Light Guides -- FOI - 2
Fiber Optic Light Guides -- FOI - 3
Fiber Optic Light Guides -- FOI - 4
Fiber Optic Light Guides -- FOI - 5
Fiber Optic Liquid Light Guides -- FOI - 6
Single Strand Bundle Fiber Optic Light Guides are generally used as supplemental lighting for hard to reach areas wherein the built-in illumination is too weak in intensity as in borescopes...