Titan Tool Supply, Inc. Datasheets for Abrasive Compounds and Abrasive Slurries

Abrasive compounds and abrasive slurries are used to improve surface finish or flatness. They often consist of fine abrasives in slurry, bar, powder or paste forms.
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Product Name Notes
Tetrabor Paste, Microfinishing Tool The polishing of Plastic Molds and Lapping of Carbide can now be accomplished without the use of expensive diamond compound. Tetrabor Paste HAS OVER 80% OF DIAMOND HARDNESS, a specific...
Diamond Lapping Compound, 18 gram, Microfinishing Tool
Diamond Lapping Compound, 5 gram, Microfinishing Tool
Titan Tool Supply's diamond lapping compound is composed of uniformly shaped diamond grains of all virgin powder, completely free from contamination. Applications Polishing Our diamond lapping compound obtains the finest...