ICO RALLY Datasheets for Grommets

Grommets are eyelets that are used to strengthen or protect an opening, or to insulate and protect an object passing through an opening. They are made from metal, plastic, or rubber materials and are usually round, oval, oblong, square or rectangular.
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Product Name Notes
Vinyl Grommet -- GV-1
Vinyl Grommet -- GV-1-3/8
Vinyl Grommet -- GV-1/2
Vinyl Grommet -- GV-1/4
Vinyl Grommet -- GV-21/32
Vinyl Grommet -- GV-3/8
Vinyl Grommet -- GV-5/16
Vinyl Grommet -- GV-5/8
Vinyl Grommet -- GV-7/16
Vinyl Grommet -- GV-7/8
Vinyl Grommets Vinyl Grommets are inexpensive, flexible, and oil resistant. They have a high dielectric strength and outstanding aging qualities. The standard color is black. Hardness Durometer: 60 +/- 5...
Continuous Nylon Gromstrip -- GSN-1
Continuous Nylon Gromstrip -- GSN-2
Continuous Nylon Gromstrip -- GSN-3
Continuous Nylon Gromstrip -- GSN-4
Continuous Nylon Gromstrip -- GSN-5
Continuous Polyethylene Gromstrip -- GSP-1
Continuous Polyethylene Gromstrip -- GSP-2
Continuous Polyethylene Gromstrip -- GSP-3
Continuous Polyethylene Gromstrip -- GSP-4
Continuous Polyethylene Gromstrip -- GSP-5
Continuous Serrated Nylon Gromstrip -- GSNC-1
Continuous Serrated Nylon Gromstrip -- GSNC-2
Continuous Serrated Nylon Gromstrip -- GSNC-3
Continuous Serrated Nylon Gromstrip -- GSNC-4
Continuous Serrated Nylon Gromstrip -- GSNC-5
Continuous Serrated Polyethylene Gromstrip -- GSPC-1
Continuous Serrated Polyethylene Gromstrip -- GSPC-2
Continuous Serrated Polyethylene Gromstrip -- GSPC-3
Continuous Serrated Polyethylene Gromstrip -- GSPC-4
Continuous Serrated Polyethylene Gromstrip -- GSPC-5
Molded Mil-Spec Nylon Gromstrip -- GSNCM-1
Molded Mil-Spec Nylon Gromstrip -- GSNCM-2
Molded Mil-Spec Nylon Gromstrip -- GSNCM-3
Molded Mil-Spec Nylon Gromstrip -- GSNCM-4
Molded Mil-Spec Nylon Gromstrip -- GSNCM-5
Molded Mil-Spec Nylon Gromstrip -- GSNCM-6
Gromstrip is a continuous length of extruded U-channel for use as a protective covering on sharp edges. It can be cut to desired length and inserted into any hole, regardless...