ICO RALLY Datasheets for Cable and Electrical Tapes

Cable and electrical tapes are a variety of pressure-adhering adhesive tape specifically designed to wrap, shield, mask, mark, or insulate types of electrical cables, wiring harnesses, electric components, or circuit boards. Electric tapes come in many colors and materials, but black, vinyl tape has become the consumer standard.

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Product Name Notes
Dacron Lacing Tape -- LTD-2
Nylon Lacing Tape -- LTN-0
Nylon Lacing Tape -- LTN-1
Nylon Lacing Tape -- LTN-2
Nylon Lacing Tape -- LTN-3
Nylon Lacing Tape -- LTN-4
Teflon Lacing Tape -- LTT-2
Lacing Tape & Cord Available in a range of materials and finishes, this product is primarily used for cable-bundling in high-temperature environments. Various configurations allow easier handling of the material,...
Teflon Film -- TT1-10/2.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT1-2/1.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT1-3/3-S
Teflon Film -- TT1-5/1.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT2-2/1.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT2-2/1.5-S-G
Teflon Film -- TT2-5/1.5-S
TT1 tape is produced using a skived Teflon film. Applications include packaging equipment, heat sealing applications, graphics arts, electrical insulation, and multi-purpose industrial uses. TT2 tape is a stretchier version,...
Polyimide Film -- TK-1/1.5-A
Polyimide Film -- TK-1/1.5-ESD
Polyimide Film -- TK-1/1.5-S
Polyimide Film -- TK-1/3.5-S/S
Polyimide Film -- TK-2/1.5-A
Polyimide Film -- TK-2/1.5-S
Produced using a high-temperature polyimide film. Suitable for various high temperature applications and commonly used in printed circuit board applications. Aside from its high-temperature characteristics, it also exhibits high mechanical...
Aluminum Foil Tape -- TA-3/2-A
Copper Foil Tape -- TC-1.5/2-A
TC (copper) and TA (aluminum) foil tapes are used where EMI is of concern. The conductivity of the metals allow electromagnetic absorption and isolation. Frequently used around shielded connectors and...
FEP Tape -- TF-2/1.5-S TF tape is manufactured from clear FEP Teflon film and bonded with silicone adhesive. This tape offers very high electric strength (V/mil) compared to the other tapes available. Often used...
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/0.5-R-6
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/1.5-A-4
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/1.5-A-9
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/1.5-S-6
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/2-R-4
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/2-R-5
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/2-S-6
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/2-S-X
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/2.8-S-2
Polyester Tape -- TP-2/1.5-S-5
Polyester Tape -- TP-2/2-R-5
TP tapes are polyester tapes available in a range of colors. Their main applications include graphic arts, splicing, electrical insulation, film seaming, and repair. These tapes offer good adhesive wet...