ICO RALLY Datasheets for Synthetic Fibers and Fabrics

Synthetic fibers and synthetic fabrics consist of bulk fibers, yarns, woven cloth or other textile products manufactured from polymer-based materials such as polyamide (nylon), polyester, aramid, or other spun thermoplastics.
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Product Name Notes
Dacron Lacing Tape -- LTD-2
Nylon Lacing Cord -- LCN-1
Nylon Lacing Cord -- LCN-2
Nylon Lacing Cord -- LCN-3
Nylon Lacing Tape -- LTN-0
Nylon Lacing Tape -- LTN-1
Nylon Lacing Tape -- LTN-2
Nylon Lacing Tape -- LTN-3
Nylon Lacing Tape -- LTN-4
Teflon Lacing Tape -- LTT-2
Lacing Tape & Cord Available in a range of materials and finishes, this product is primarily used for cable-bundling in high-temperature environments. Various configurations allow easier handling of the material,...