ICO RALLY Datasheets for Specialty Tapes

Specialty tapes are manufactured to enhance particular abilities of the tape, making them excellent for applications where general-use tapes fall short of the application's constraints. Specialty tapes is an ambiguous term, encapsulating tape types such as flashing tape, barricade tape, riveter's tape, and many more.
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Product Name Notes
Teflon Film -- TT1-10/2.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT1-2/1.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT1-3/3-S
Teflon Film -- TT1-5/1.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT2-2/1.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT2-2/1.5-S-G
Teflon Film -- TT2-5/1.5-S
TT1 tape is produced using a skived Teflon film. Applications include packaging equipment, heat sealing applications, graphics arts, electrical insulation, and multi-purpose industrial uses. TT2 tape is a stretchier version,...
Glass / Teflon Tape -- TGT-10/1.7-S
Glass / Teflon Tape -- TGT-3/1.7-S
Glass / Teflon Tape -- TGT-5/1.7-S
Glass / Teflon Tape -- TGT-6/1.7-S
Consists of standard grade Teflon impregnated with fiberglass. The Teflon coating provides superior chemical inertness while the fiberglass adds dimensional stability and restricts Teflon cold flow. The Teflon also provides...
FEP Tape -- TF-2/1.5-S TF tape is manufactured from clear FEP Teflon film and bonded with silicone adhesive. This tape offers very high electric strength (V/mil) compared to the other tapes available. Often used...
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/0.5-R-6
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/1.5-A-4
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/1.5-A-9
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/1.5-S-6
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/2-R-4
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/2-R-5
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/2-S-6
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/2-S-X
Polyester Tape -- TP-1/2.8-S-2
Polyester Tape -- TP-2/1.5-S-5
Polyester Tape -- TP-2/2-R-5
TP tapes are polyester tapes available in a range of colors. Their main applications include graphic arts, splicing, electrical insulation, film seaming, and repair. These tapes offer good adhesive wet...