ICO RALLY Datasheets for Thermal Insulating Tapes

Thermal insulating tapes consist of a porous foam or cloth backing, which provides a thermal barrier around or between components.
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Product Name Notes
Teflon Film -- TT1-10/2.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT1-2/1.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT1-3/3-S
Teflon Film -- TT1-5/1.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT2-2/1.5-S
Teflon Film -- TT2-2/1.5-S-G
Teflon Film -- TT2-5/1.5-S
TT1 tape is produced using a skived Teflon film. Applications include packaging equipment, heat sealing applications, graphics arts, electrical insulation, and multi-purpose industrial uses. TT2 tape is a stretchier version,...
Polyimide Film -- TK-1/1.5-A
Polyimide Film -- TK-1/1.5-ESD
Polyimide Film -- TK-1/1.5-S
Polyimide Film -- TK-1/3.5-S/S
Polyimide Film -- TK-2/1.5-A
Polyimide Film -- TK-2/1.5-S
Produced using a high-temperature polyimide film. Suitable for various high temperature applications and commonly used in printed circuit board applications. Aside from its high-temperature characteristics, it also exhibits high mechanical...
Fiberglass Tape -- TG-4.5/2.5-A
Fiberglass Tape -- TG-4.5/2.5-R
Fiberglass Tape -- TG-4.5/2.5-S
Fiberglass Tape -- TG-4.5/2.5-S/S
TG tape is a high temperature fiberglass tape, resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Suitable for various high temperature applications, TG tape has excellent mechanical strength and correspondingly high...