ICO RALLY Datasheets for Cable Clamps

Cable clamps are used to bundle, clip, clamp, label, guide, and protect wires and cables.
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Product Name Notes
Cable Clamps Ethyl Cellulose Clamps (CLE) A low cost clamp with excellent shock resistance in a temperature range from -40°F (-40°C) to 185°F (85°C). Standard Color: Amber
Cable Clamps Nylon Clamps (CLN) These clamps are more durable, resist acids better, and have a higher operating temperature (275°F (135°C)) than ethyl cellulose. Standard Colors: Natural or Black
Premium Nylon Hose Clamps provide a superior seal on hose or tubing products through an interlocking design. As the interlocking grooves are ratcheted together, the clamping diameter of the fastener...
Standard worm drive construction. Slotted Hex Head Screw.