Ogura Industrial Corp. Datasheets for Electric Clutches

Electrical clutches are assemblies consisting of elements for the connection and disconnection of shafts (clutch) in equipment drives.
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Product Name Notes
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-0.3N
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-0.3R
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-0.6N
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-0.6R
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-1.2N
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-1.2R
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-1.5BN
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-1.5BR
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-1.8N
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-1BN
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-1BR
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-2BN
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-2BR
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-3BN
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-3BR
OPL Permanent-Magnet Mag-Particle Slip Clutch -- OPL-4BN
ACCURATE TORQUE The drag torque is produced by means of a hysteresis principle. This allows for constant torque levels and eliminates the possibility of high break away torque that occurs...
CT Electromagnetic Clutch -- CT-100
CT Electromagnetic Clutch -- CT-150
CT Electromagnetic Clutch -- CT-20
CT Electromagnetic Clutch -- CT-50
AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT FOR WEAR The CT clutches include a patented adjusting mechanism for the armature that not only gives a constant adjustment for wear, but also produces a constant air...
MIC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MIC-2.5
MIC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MIC-2.5T
MIC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MIC-3.5T
MIC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MIC-5
MIC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MIC-5T
MIC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MIC-8
CUSTOM MOLDED GEAR The MIC assembly includes a custom-molded gear or timing pulley designed to your specifications. ONE PIECE ASSEMBLY The entire assembly is delivered pre-assembled, so it simply slides...
AMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- AMC-10
AMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- AMC-2.5
AMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- AMC-20
AMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- AMC-40
AMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- AMC-5
AMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- AMC-80
EASY MOUNTING AND MAINTENANCE The clutch field is mounted to the rotor with ball bearings, providing easy installation and reducing maintenance requirements. ZERO BACKLASH By mounting the armature to the...
OPC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- OPC-10
OPC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- OPC-20
OPC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- OPC-40
OPC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- OPC-40A
OPC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- OPC-5
OPC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- OPC-80
OPC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- OPC-80A
FAST RESPONSE The OP series has been designed to provide fast response. Response rates can be further quickened through overexcitation circuits. SLIP CAPACITY OP series units are designed to deliver...
HC Electromagnetic Hysteresis Clutch -- HC-0.5
HC Electromagnetic Hysteresis Clutch -- HC-1.2
HC Electromagnetic Hysteresis Clutch -- HC-10
HC Electromagnetic Hysteresis Clutch -- HC-2.5
HC Electromagnetic Hysteresis Clutch -- HC-5
FAST RESPONSE The torque of H series electromagnetic hysteresis clutches and brakes is independent of slip speed. Torque is directly proportionate to coil current, thus the torque of each unit...
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCE-10
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCE-20
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCEH-0.6
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCEH-1.2
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCEH-1.2P
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCEH-2.5
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCEH-2.5P
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCEH-5
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCEH-5P
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCEHA-1.2
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCEHA-2.5
VC Electromagnetic Clutch -- VCEHA-5
FAST RESPONSE The V series clutches are dry type single disc units. This ensures fast response in high speed, high cycle applications. ZERO BACKLASH The armature is mounted to the...
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMC-0.6
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMC-1.2
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMC-10
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMC-2.5
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMC-20
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMC-5
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMF-0.6
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMF-1.2
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMF-10
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMF-2.5
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMF-20
TMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- TMF-5
FAST RESPONSE TM series clutches are dry type single disc units with no sliding parts. That means you can count on fast response time. NO BACKLASH ARMATURE By mounting the...
MMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MMC-100E
MMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MMC-10E
MMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MMC-200G
MMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MMC-20E
MMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MMC-40E
MMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MMC-40G
MMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MMC-5E
MMC Electromagnetic Clutch -- MMC-70E
HEAVY DUTY DESIGN The MMC series utilize a special plate spring that resists engine vibration and shock. EASY MOUNTING Mounting is a snap on these stationary coil type clutches. The...
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-1.2
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-10
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-160
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-2.5
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-20
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-250
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-320
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-40
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-450
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-5
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-600
MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-80
HIGH-TORQUE COMPACT DESIGN The MW series are designed as extremely compact multiple disc units that deliver high torque rates. LONG LIFE AND LOW MAINTENANCE The MW series stationary field design...
PC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- PC-1.2
PC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- PC-10-02
PC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- PC-2.5
PC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- PC-20
PC Electromagnetic Mag-Particle Clutch -- PC-5
RELIABLE AND STABLE TORQUE The PB/PC series have been designed to maintain high performance in continuous slip applications within their heat dissipation range. FORCED AIR COOLING Units come equipped with...
General Purpose Clutches -- 505894
General Purpose Clutches -- 509044
General Purpose Clutches -- 509812
General Purpose Clutches -- 515294
General Purpose Clutches -- 515609
General Purpose Clutches -- 516849
General Purpose Clutches -- 519225
General Purpose Clutches -- 521325
General Purpose Clutches -- 522879
General Purpose Clutches -- 525569
General Purpose Clutches -- 527323
General Purpose Clutches -- 535411
Mobile Clutches -- 332334
Mobile Clutches -- 332639
Mobile Clutches -- 501075
Mobile Clutches -- 501076
Mobile Clutches -- 501999
Mobile Clutches -- 502001
Mobile Clutches -- 502286
Mobile Clutches -- 503272
Mobile Clutches -- 509190
Mobile Clutches -- 509191
Mobile Clutches -- 511645
Mobile Clutches -- 511646
Mobile Clutches -- 512010
Mobile Clutches -- 512368
Mobile Clutches -- 512606
Mobile Clutches -- 513297
Mobile Clutches -- 515376
Mobile Clutches -- 517162
Mobile Clutches -- 517166
Mobile Clutches -- 520226
Mobile Clutches -- 520441
Mobile Clutches -- 520886
Mobile Clutches -- 520887
Mobile Clutches -- 520888
Mobile Clutches -- 520889
Mobile Clutches -- 521491
Mobile Clutches -- 521680
Mobile Clutches -- 521792
Mobile Clutches -- 522146
Mobile Clutches -- 522850
Mobile Clutches -- 522886
Mobile Clutches -- 523543
Mobile Clutches -- 526299
Mobile Clutches -- 526531
Mobile Clutches -- 534818
Mobile Clutches -- 535104
Mobile Clutches -- 536152
Mobile Clutches -- 536153
Mobile Clutches -- 80001708
Mobile Clutches -- 80001709
Mobile Clutches -- 80002309
Mobile Clutches -- 80002310
Mobile Clutches -- 80002327
Mobile Clutches -- 80002328
Mobile Clutches -- 80002332
Mobile Clutches -- 80002333
Mobile Clutches -- 80002657
Mobile Clutches -- 80002658
Mobile Clutches -- 80002712
Mobile Clutches -- 80003581
Mobile Clutches -- 80003931
Mobile Clutches -- 80004213
Mobile Clutches -- 80004214
Mobile Clutches -- 80004231
Mobile Clutches -- 80004243
Mobile Clutches -- 80004265
Mobile Clutches -- 80004270
Mobile Clutches -- 80004331
Mobile Clutches -- 80004332
Mobile Clutches -- 80004333
Mobile Clutches -- 80004459
Mobile Clutches -- 80005158
Mobile Clutches -- 80005159
Mobile Clutches -- 80005180
Mobile Clutches -- 80005181
Mobile Clutches -- 80005215
SOLID FORGED ROTOR A one piece solid forged rotor means no chance of internal parts separation. Our rotors also have an even wall thickness around the coil which gives optimum...
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-100
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-10D
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-10W
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-160
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-16D
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-16W
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-2.5D
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-2.5W
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-250
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-25D
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-25W
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-400
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-50D
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-50W
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-5D
MZ Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch -- MZ-5W
MZS Electromagnetic Single-Position Tooth Clutch -- MZS-10D
MZS Electromagnetic Single-Position Tooth Clutch -- MZS-16D
MZS Electromagnetic Single-Position Tooth Clutch -- MZS-2.5D
MZS Electromagnetic Single-Position Tooth Clutch -- MZS-25D
MZS Electromagnetic Single-Position Tooth Clutch -- MZS-5D
ZERO BACKLASH The MZ series provides minimal backlash. Backlash can be totally eliminated as an option. ZERO DRAG TORQUE There is no drag torque in the disengaged mode because both...