Ogura Industrial Corp. Datasheets for Electric Brake and Clutch Assemblies

Electric brake and clutch assemblies consist of elements for both the connection and disconnection of shafts (clutch) and for the slowing or stopping of shafts (brake) in equipment drives.
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Product Name Notes
PTO Clutch Brake -- 504586
PTO Clutch Brake -- 505161
PTO Clutch Brake -- 509019
PTO Clutch Brake -- 511101
PTO Clutch Brake -- 512585
PTO Clutch Brake -- 513090
PTO Clutch Brake -- 513711
PTO Clutch Brake -- 513962
PTO Clutch Brake -- 514068
PTO Clutch Brake -- 516378
PTO Clutch Brake -- 520165
PTO Clutch Brake -- 520356
PTO Clutch Brake -- 520413
PTO Clutch Brake -- 521788
PTO Clutch Brake -- 522229
PTO Clutch Brake -- 522665
PTO Clutch Brake -- 522829
PTO Clutch Brake -- 523064
PTO Clutch Brake -- 523163
PTO Clutch Brake -- 523967
PTO Clutch Brake -- 525362
PTO Clutch Brake -- 525521
PTO Clutch Brake -- 525944
PTO Clutch Brake -- 525957
PTO Clutch Brake -- 526102
PTO Clutch Brake -- 526105
PTO Clutch Brake -- 526115
PTO Clutch Brake -- 526157
PTO Clutch Brake -- 526232
PTO Clutch Brake -- 526238
PTO Clutch Brake -- 526296
PTO Clutch Brake -- 526638
PTO Clutch Brake -- 526986
PTO Clutch Brake -- 527444
PTO Clutch Brake -- 527668
PTO Clutch Brake -- 527825
PTO Clutch Brake -- 528005
PTO Clutch Brake -- 528311
PTO Clutch Brake -- 528319
PTO Clutch Brake -- 528330
PTO Clutch Brake -- 528333
PTO Clutch Brake -- 528704
PTO Clutch Brake -- 529544
PTO Clutch Brake -- 529722
PTO Clutch Brake -- 533765
PTO Clutch Brake -- 534095
SIMPLE INSTALLATION Since the majority of Ogura clutches are one piece designs that come in pre-set, there are no adjustments to make either at the mower manufacturer or with the...
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-0.02D
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-0.02S
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-0.05D
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-0.05S
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-0.5D
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-0.5S
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-1.2D
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-10D
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-2.5D
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-30D
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-5D
PHT Permanent-Magnet Hysteresis Clutch/Brake -- PHT-70D
ACCURATE AND DEPENDABLE TORQUE Since torque is transmitted via a hysteresis field, there is minimal difference between the static and the dynamic torque. These units are unaffected by friction and...
PET Permanent-Magnet Eddy-Current Clutch/Brake -- PET-1.2
PET Permanent-Magnet Eddy-Current Clutch/Brake -- PET-10
PET Permanent-Magnet Eddy-Current Clutch/Brake -- PET-2.5
PET Permanent-Magnet Eddy-Current Clutch/Brake -- PET-5
ACCURATE AND DEPENDABLE TORQUE Torque is transmitted via a hysteresis field resulting in consistent torque over time. Units are unaffected by friction and wear, therefore, torque is substantially more accurate...
AMU-C Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- AMU-10C
AMU-C Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- AMU-2.5C
AMU-C Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- AMU-20C
AMU-C Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- AMU-40C
AMU-C Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- AMU-5C
AMU-C Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- AMU-80C
EASY MOUNTING AND MAINTENANCE The clutch/brake units are preassembled. No adjustments are necessary, simply attach your pulley or coupling to the output shaft and you are ready to go. ZERO...
VSAU Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- VSAU-1.2
VSAU Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- VSAU-2.5
VSAU Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- VSAU-5
FAST RESPONSE The V series brakes are dry type single disc units. This ensures fast response in high speed, high cycle applications. ZERO BACKLASH The armature is mounted to the...
MP Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- MP-10
MP Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- MP-120
MP Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- MP-20
MP Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- MP-250
MP Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- MP-40
MP Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- MP-5
MP Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- MP-500
MP Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake -- MP-80
NO ADJUSTMENT FOR WEAR Special armature and hub design allow for automatic wear adjustment. CONSISTENT TIMING Special no-gap armature design produces consistent time-to-speed and time-to-stop over the life of the...