Spirax-Sarco Datasheets for Liquid Handling Pumps

Industrial liquid handling pumps are classified in many different ways, and are distinguished by the media pumped and the fluid motive mechanism (dynamic or displacement).
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Product Name Notes
Low Profile Pressure Powered Pump 'The Eliminator' -- PPEC Available types PPEC cast iron body and cover. PPEC is supplied with bronze check valves.
Pressure Powered Pump -- PPC
Pressure Powered Pump -- PPF
PPC cast iron body and cover, with gunmetal check valves. PPF fabricated steel body and cover, with steel check valves. Connecting nipples are not supplied with check valves.
(Closed System) Automatic Pump-trap Packaged Unit -- APT10-PPU
(Closed System) Automatic Pump-trap Packaged Unit -- APT14-PPU
(Closed System) Automatic Pump-trap Packaged Unit -- APT14HC-PPU
The Spirax Sarco APT10-PPU, APT14-PPU and APT14HC-PPU automatic pump-trap packaged units are plug in systems specifically designed to remove condensate from plant under 'stall' conditions. The whole system is capable...
Automatic Pump Trap -- APT14
Automatic Pump Trap -- APT14HC
Automatic Pump Trap -- APT14SHC
The Spirax Sarco APT14, APT14HC and APT14SHC automatic pump traps are flanged or screwed displacement receivers pressure rated to PN16. The units are capable of automatically trapping or pumping, depending...
Automatic Pump Trap -- APT10-4.5 The Spirax Sarco automatic pump trap is a screwed displacement receiver pressure rated to PN10. The unit is capable of automatically trapping or pumping, depending on line conditions. The unit...
Automatic Pump -- MFP14
Automatic Pump -- MFP14S
Automatic Pump -- MFP14SS
The Spirax Sarco MFP14 automatic pump is a displacement receiver operated by steam or compressed air. It is generally used to lift liquids such as condensate to a higher level.
(Vented) Automatic Pump Packaged Unit -- MFP14-PPU The Spirax Sarco MFP14-PPU vented automatic pump packaged units are plug-in systems specifically designed to collect and pump hot condensate; commonly returned for use as boiler feedwater. The MFP14-PPU is...
Dual Mechanism Pressure Powered Pump -- PTF4 The Spirax Sarco Pivotrol ® Pump (patented) is a non electric pump which transfers high temperature condensate, or other liquids from a low point, low pressure or vacuum space to...