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Anaheim Automation, Inc. Datasheets for Stepper Motors (rotary)

Stepper motors use a magnetic field to move a rotor in small angular steps or fractions of steps. They provide precise positioning and ease of use, especially in low acceleration or static load applications.
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Product Name Notes
4-phase, offer 200 steps/rev (full step), half-step & micro-step operation
Accelerates to speeds higher than 25 revs/sec, can be customized
Designed to give highest possible torque while minimizing noise & vibration
High step accuracy & resolution, low vibration & noise, can be customized
High step accuracy, low vibration & noise, can be customized
High torque, ideal for low-precision applications, can be customized
High torque, NEMA 17 frame
High torque, NEMA 23 frame
High torque, precise motion at low cost
Improved torque linearity, four phase design, rugged construction
Precise motion at low cost, can be customized
Splash proof IP65 seal, high torque, high step accuracy & resolution