Anaheim Automation, Inc. Datasheets for DC Motors

DC motors are most commonly used in variable speed and torque applications. They include brushless and gear motors, as well as servomotors.
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Product Name Notes
BLWR23 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLWR231-36V-4000
BLWR23 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLWR232-36V-4000
BLWR23 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLWR233-36V-4000
BLWR23 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLWR234-36V-4000
BLWR23 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLWR235-36V-4000
BLWR23MD Series Integrated Motor/Driver -- BLWR23MD2S-36V-4000
BLWR23MD Series Integrated Motor/Driver -- BLWR23MD3S-36V-4000
BLWR23MD Series Integrated Motor/Driver -- BLWR23MD4S-36V-4000
BLWS23 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLW231-36V-4000
BLWS23 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLW232-36V-4000
BLWS23 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLW233-36V-4000
BLWS23 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLW234-36V-4000
BLWS23 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLW235-36V-4000
BLY17 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLY171-17V-8000
BLY17 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLY171-24V-4000
BLY17 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLY172-17V-9500
BLY17 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLY172-24V-4000
BLY17 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLY173-24V-4000
BLY17 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLY174-24V-4000
BLY34 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLY341S-48V-3200
BLY34 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLY342S-48V-3200
BLY34 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLY343S-48V-3200
BLY34 Series Brushless DC Motor -- BLY344S-48V-3200
Compact size and power density, long life and reliable, can be customized
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R10
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R100
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R1000
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R150
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R1500
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R18
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R200
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R250
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R30
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R300
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R3000
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R400
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R50
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R500
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R75
BDSG-37-30-12V Series -- BDSG-37-30-12V-5000-R750
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R10
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R100
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R1000
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R150
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R1500
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R18
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R200
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R250
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R30
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R300
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R3000
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R400
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R50
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R500
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R75
BDSG-37-30-24V Series -- BDSG-37-30-24V-5000-R750
BDSG-37-40-12V Series -- BDSG-37-40-12V-5000-R10
BDSG-37-40-12V Series -- BDSG-37-40-12V-5000-R100
BDSG-37-40-12V Series -- BDSG-37-40-12V-5000-R150
BDSG-37-40-12V Series -- BDSG-37-40-12V-5000-R18
BDSG-37-40-12V Series -- BDSG-37-40-12V-5000-R200
BDSG-37-40-12V Series -- BDSG-37-40-12V-5000-R250
BDSG-37-40-12V Series -- BDSG-37-40-12V-5000-R30
BDSG-37-40-12V Series -- BDSG-37-40-12V-5000-R300
BDSG-37-40-12V Series -- BDSG-37-40-12V-5000-R50
BDSG-37-40-12V Series -- BDSG-37-40-12V-5000-R6
BDSG-37-40-12V Series -- BDSG-37-40-12V-5000-R75
BDSG-37-40-24V Series -- BDSG-37-40-24V-5000-R10
BDSG-37-40-24V Series -- BDSG-37-40-24V-5000-R100
BDSG-37-40-24V Series -- BDSG-37-40-24V-5000-R150
BDSG-37-40-24V Series -- BDSG-37-40-24V-5000-R18
BDSG-37-40-24V Series -- BDSG-37-40-24V-5000-R200
BDSG-37-40-24V Series -- BDSG-37-40-24V-5000-R250
BDSG-37-40-24V Series -- BDSG-37-40-24V-5000-R30
BDSG-37-40-24V Series -- BDSG-37-40-24V-5000-R300
BDSG-37-40-24V Series -- BDSG-37-40-24V-5000-R50
BDSG-37-40-24V Series -- BDSG-37-40-24V-5000-R6
BDSG-37-40-24V Series -- BDSG-37-40-24V-5000-R75
BDSG-37-57-12V Series -- BDSG-37-057-12V-4200-R10
BDSG-37-57-12V Series -- BDSG-37-057-12V-4200-R100
BDSG-37-57-12V Series -- BDSG-37-057-12V-4200-R18
BDSG-37-57-12V Series -- BDSG-37-057-12V-4200-R30
BDSG-37-57-12V Series -- BDSG-37-057-12V-4200-R50
BDSG-37-57-12V Series -- BDSG-37-057-12V-4200-R6
BDSG-37-57-12V Series -- BDSG-37-057-12V-4200-R75
BDSG-37-57-24V Series -- BDSG-37-057-24V-4200-R10
BDSG-37-57-24V Series -- BDSG-37-057-24V-4200-R100
BDSG-37-57-24V Series -- BDSG-37-057-24V-4200-R18
BDSG-37-57-24V Series -- BDSG-37-057-24V-4200-R30
BDSG-37-57-24V Series -- BDSG-37-057-24V-4200-R50
BDSG-37-57-24V Series -- BDSG-37-057-24V-4200-R6
BDSG-37-57-24V Series -- BDSG-37-057-24V-4200-R75
BDSG-71-110 Series -- BDSG-71-110-24V-3000-R12.5
BDSG-71-110 Series -- BDSG-71-110-24V-3000-R15
BDSG-71-110 Series -- BDSG-71-110-24V-3000-R25
BDSG-71-110 Series -- BDSG-71-110-24V-3000-R3
BDSG-71-110 Series -- BDSG-71-110-24V-3000-R30
BDSG-71-110 Series -- BDSG-71-110-24V-3000-R5
BDSG-71-110 Series -- BDSG-71-110-24V-3000-R50
BDSG-71-110 Series -- BDSG-71-110-24V-3000-R7.5
BDSG-71-110 Series -- BDSG-71-110-24V-3000-R75
Designed for high volume applications, custom versions available
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-24-27-24.0V-8000
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-24-27-24.0V-9100
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-24-27-4.5V-14000
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-24-27-6.0V-3000
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-24-31-12.0V-10000
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-24-31-12.0V-123500
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-24-31-12.0V-12400
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-24-31-12.0V-6300
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-36-49-12.0V-3280
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-36-49-12.0V-6630
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-36-53-6.0V-6300
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-36-53-7.2V-6550
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-38-63-12.0V-14200
Brush DC Motor -- BDD-38-63-7.2V-10300
Brush DC Motor -- BDE-38-63-110V-6400
Brush DC Motor -- BDE-38-63-230V-6000
Brush DC Motor -- BDF-38-63-12.0V-3050
Brush DC Motor -- BDF-38-63-24.0V-4290
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-24-27-12.0V-7200
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-24-27-3.0V-9600
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-24-27-4.5V-10100
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-24-27-4.5V-13800
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-24-31-12.0V-4560
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-24-31-3.0V-6800
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-24-31-6.0V-14000
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-24-31-6.0V-7700
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-28-33-12.0V-10000
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-28-33-12.0V-12500
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-28-33-12.0V-20000
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-28-33-12.0V-6800
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-28-38-12.0V-17400
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-28-38-12.0V-8600
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-28-38-2.4V-5640
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-28-38-6.0V-17000
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-32-20-12.0V-2700
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-32-20-3.0V-900
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-32-20-6.0V-3734
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-32-20-6.0V-5540
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-33-23-12.0V-2800
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-33-23-12.0V-3300
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-33-23-12.0V-6539
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-33-23-6.0V-2000
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-36-50-12.0V-21300
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-36-50-12.0V-26100
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-36-50-7.2V-15300
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-36-50-7.2V-25000
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-36-57-12.0V-17200
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-36-57-12.0V-20600
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-36-57-57-18.0V-20000
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-36-57-7.2V-21800
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-44-59-12.0V-10300
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-44-59-12.0V-10420
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-44-59-12.0V-22000
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-44-59-9.6V-12700
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-44-66-12.0V-10600
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-44-66-20.4V-24500
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-52-69-12.0V-13700
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-52-69-120V-12000
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-52-69-13.0V-19000
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-52-69-230V-16350
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-52-85-13.0V-6280
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-52-85-13.0V-7150
Brush DC Motor -- BDR-52-85-230V-9070
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-24-31-13.0V-2800
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-24-31-3.0V-6350
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-24-31-6.0V-6000
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-24-31-8.4V-8430
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-33-12.0V-19600
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-33-12.0V-20800
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-33-12.0V-6500
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-33-24.0V-6800
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-38-13.0V-24600
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-38-24.0V-11600
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-38-24.0V-14500
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-38-24.0V-22000
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-47-12.0V-18800
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-47-24.0V-15000
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-47-24.0V-17900
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-28-47-24.0V-8480
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-36-50-12.0V-10000
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-36-50-12.0V-4200
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-36-50-12.0V-5150
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-36-50-24.0V-5600
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-44-59-12.0V-13870
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-44-59-12.0V-18900
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-44-59-12.0V-3000
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-44-59-12.0V-6100
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-52-69-12.0V-14200
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-52-69-12.0V-5110
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-52-69-14.0V-21200
Brush DC Motor -- BDS-52-69-20.0V-1880
Brush DC Motor -- BDT-36-57-24.0V-5300
Brush DC Motor -- BDT-36-57-24.0V-7000
Brush DC Motor -- BDT-36-57-24.0V-9100
Brush DC Motor -- BDT-36-57-30.0V-15500
Brush DC Motor -- BDT-44-59-110V-20000
Brush DC Motor -- BDT-44-59-120V-10200
Brush DC Motor -- BDT-44-66-12.0V-16500
Brush DC Motor -- BDT-44-66-18.0V-20500
Brush DC Motor -- BDT-44-66-24.0V-7600
Brush DC Motor -- BDT-44-66-24.0V-8210
Effective way to control motion control applications
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG231D-36V-4000-R75
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG232D-36V-4000-R7.5
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG232D-36V-4000-R75
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG233D-36V-4000-R7.5
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG233D-36V-4000-R75
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG234D-36V-4000-R3
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG234D-36V-4000-R50
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG234D-36V-4000-R7.5
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG234D-36V-4000-R75
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG235D-36V-4000-R12.5
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG235D-36V-4000-R3
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG235D-36V-4000-R50
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLWSG235D-36V-4000-R7.5
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLYSG341S-48V-3200-R5
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLYSG342S-24V-3000-R75
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLYSG343S-48V-3200-R3
Brushless DC Spur Gear Motors -- BLYSG343S-48V-3200-R5
Integrated spur gearbox, compact Size and power density
Brushless DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BLWRPG092S-24V-4600
Brushless DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BLWRPG093S-24V-3500
Long life - 20,000 hour operation, can be customized
BLWR11 Series DC Brushless Motor -- BLWR110S
BLWR11 Series DC Brushless Motor -- BLWR111S
BLWR11 Series DC Brushless Motor -- BLWR112S
Long life brushless motor, quality and reliability, low cost
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-28-38-12V-4000-R100
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-28-38-12V-4000-R14
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-28-38-12V-4000-R265
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-28-38-12V-4000-R27
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-28-38-12V-4000-R4
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-28-38-12V-4000-R51
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-28-38-12V-4000-R720
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-36-40-12V-5000-R100
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-36-40-12V-5000-R14
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-36-40-12V-5000-R265
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-36-40-12V-5000-R27
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-36-40-12V-5000-R4
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-36-40-12V-5000-R51
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-36-57-24V-4200-R100
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-36-57-24V-4200-R14
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-36-57-24V-4200-R27
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-36-57-24V-4200-R4
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-36-57-24V-4200-R51
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-60-80-24V-3000-R168
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-60-80-24V-3000-R18
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-60-80-24V-3000-R3.6
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-60-80-24V-3000-R326
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-60-80-24V-3000-R47
Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors -- BDPG-60-80-24V-3000-R76
Perfect for medical, pump, robotics, hobby, CNC, and other applications