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Anaheim Automation, Inc. Datasheets for Stepper Motor Drives

Stepper motor drives power unipolar and bipolar stepper motors in full step, half step, and microstep motion control applications.
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Product Name Notes
200 to 12800 steps/revolution, short circuit protection, optical isolation
200 to 1600 steps/revolution, on board programmable simple indexer
Bilevel drive operation, half or full step operation, compact & rugged
Bilevel drive operation, half or full step operation, high start-stop speed
Bilevel drive operation, open motor protection, short circuit protection
Bipolar driver, 2000 steps/revolution
Compact microstep driver, detachable terminal blocks, easy to install
Drives 4 phase motors with 5, 6 or 8 leads, compact and rugged package
Drives two motors in series, on board pulse generator
Eliminates motor wires, ideal for precise positioning
Enhanced torque/speed output over 12VDC and 24VDC drives
Enhanced torque/speed output over 24VDC drives, enclosed modular package
Enhanced torque/speed output, improved start-stop speeds, full or half step
Four programmable speed selections, two ramp down modes
Higher torque/speed output, short circuit protection, full or half step
Line powered, opto isolated inputs, over voltage & short circuit protection
Microstep divisors of 8, 4, 2, or full step, ideal for precise positioning
Optically isolated inputs, short circuit protection, power & clock LED's
Opto isolated inputs, automatic current reduction, phase output current
Opto isolated inputs, short circuit & miswire protection, current reduction
Over temperature and short circuit shutdown, ideal for precise positioning
Precise synchronization of two step motors, two ramp down modes
Selectable from 200 to 1600 steps/revolution, integrated active cooling